USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Idiot's Delight
B-26C-5-MO 41-34847

322nd Bomb Group, 451st Bomb Squadron

Nose art painted by
453rd Bomb Group, 735th Bomb Squadron

Idiot's Delight

This Marauder's nose art title originated from a popular 1939 MGM movie starring Clark Gable which had been preceded by a stage play written in 1936 by Robert Sherwood. The comedy drama was considered to be "anti-war" and the title spawned numerous examples of nose art on differing aircraft types.

The 322BG's Marauder was painted by Alex Shindelheim and sported a pixie with an undulating and flanking title. Initially based at Andrews Field in England, after D-Day the group moved to France in late September and settled at Beauvais in France, designated A-61. After a landing accident at Beauvais on 9th November it was salvaged.

Further information on its crew(s) and missions is required.


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