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Highland Park Californian
Pursuit fighter

We have been unable to locate any photograph of this aircraft.
If you have any further information on its crew(s), mission details or pictures/documents relevant to this (or any other aircraft) we would be pleased to receive copies.
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"Some day in the near future the "Highland Park Californian", a sleek lightning-type fighter plane in the army air corps...." was the opening text announcing the start of the War Bond campaign in December 1942. The Highland Park War Savings Committee aimed to raise the required $75,000 to fund a "P-38 or P-47 or some other of the American fighter planes."

According to the press article "No ceremony will be permitted, it is announced but the treasury department will photograph the plane..." This may indicate that it would be another of the photo-only war bond planes but, as yet, no picture has been located. If anyone can provide further information please make contact.


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