USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Dragon Lady
B-17F-125-BO 42-30836

385th Bomb Group


Nose art painted by
American Red Cross Aero Club, 385th Bomb Group
Great Ashfield

Dragon Lady

Anne Haywood used her vivid imagination to create this powerful nose art painting which was based around an idea from one of the crew. Assigned to 385th Bomb Group in mid September 1943, this B17F was lost on 13th February 1944 while attacking a NoBall V-weapon site near Calais on its 25th mission. A direct flak hit wounded several crew members and put two engines out of action. Struggling back, the Fortress was forced to ditch into the Channel. Pilot Lt Edwin Herron, flying this Fort for the first time, pulled six of his crew from the sinking aircraft and was later awarded a DSC for his actions. RAF Air Sea Rescue picked up seven survivors after two and half hours.

Although not known for certain, it is believed that Lt Singleton's crew named the plane - they flew it on nine of their combat missions.

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