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Hag Mag the Mothball Queen
B-24D-90-CO 42-40731

44th Bomb Group, 68th Bomb Squadron


This aircraft was also known as
Eager Eve

Hag Mag the Mothball Queen
This aircraft also carried the title "Eager Eve" on its right side.

If anyone has other photos of this aircraft, in either guise, or can add any further detail to its history, please share with me.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


26 Jun 1943G P Martin / E V Hawkins Flew to Benina Main, Benghazi, N. Africa
8 Jul 1943G P Martin /CataniaFlown from N. Africa base
12 Jul 1943G P Martin /Reggio di Calubria?
13 Jul 1943Capt R Phillips /Crotone Airfield?
15 Jul 1943E M Shannon /Foggia Airdrome?
17 Jul 1943G P Martin /Naples?
19 Jul 1943G P Martin /Rome LittoriaDeputy group lead
1 Aug 1943G P Martin / E V HawkinsPloestiTop turret guns inoperative
13 Aug 1943W B Weant /Wiener Neustadt?
19 Aug 1943Capt G P Martin /Foggia?
21 Aug 1943B Gildart /Cancello?
26 Aug 1943? Returned from N.Africa to Shipdham
6 Sep 1943J Brown /DiversionFlown from Shipdham
16 Sep 1943D W AlexanderConches Airdrome?
17 Sep 1943? Left Shipdham from Tunis, N. Africa
21 Sep 1943Capt G P Martin /Leghorn?
1 Oct 1943Capt G P MartinWiener Neustadt?
6 Oct 1943Capt G P Martin / E V Hawkins Crashed and Salvaged at Marrakesh after hitting stone wall on takeoff for return to England

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