USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Gremlin (The)
B-24D-15-CO 41-24035

376th Bomb Group. 514th Bomb Squadron

Gremlin (The)

A survivor of the Ploesti raid on 1st August 1943, code-named "Tidal Wave", when it was flown by Lt Harland Whipple. Fw Heinrich Bartel, Luftwaffe's JG27/II, caught the B24 later that year on 5th October and shot it down over Greece killing eight of the crew. At that time, the 376th Bomb Group was still assigned to 9th Air Force and based in Libya at Benghazi. The 9AF moved to England that same month and the 376th then became part of the 15th Air Force on 1st November 1943.


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