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Alice the Goon
B-24D-CO 41-11786

98th Bomb Group


Nose art painted by
S/Sgt Cecil O. LIPPARD
98th Bomb Group
North Africa

Alice the Goon

This was one of the original cadre of B24s assigned to the 98th Bomb Group. It was painted by Lippard with a crude but memorable image of a caveman figure clutching two small bombs. It was not his own crew's regular B24 but, on 19th January 1943, Sgt Lippard was flying as a replacement tail gunner with Lt Lewis's crew in "Alice the Goon" when they were hit by flak over Tripoli harbour. Both wings were hit and the right wing tip completely shot away. Two engines caught fire and Lt Lewis turned to head for Malta, pursued by Me109 fighters. Finally, 47 miles south of Malta, Lewis attempted to ditch the damaged B24. As it hit the water, the tail broke off, possibly also the right wing, before the aircraft up-ended momentarily and then slipped under the water. One man is believed to have escaped the sinking fuselage but no survivors were found. The 98th had lost one of its talented artists along with nine other crew men.

If you have any further knowledge or photos of this aircraft and its crews please make contact.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


31 Jul 1942Huggins / Pierce 
4 Aug 1942Huggins / Pierce / 
14 Aug 1942Huggins / Pierce 
21 Aug 1942Huggins / Pierce 
23 Aug 1942Huggins / Pierce 
29 Aug 1942Huggins / PierceShipping strike (abortive)
5 Sep 1942Uber / GilletteCandia Bay shipping
9 Sep 1942Uber / Gillette 
13 Sep 1942Jorgensen / G GolbergTobrukR/E (NS) - one eng out
19 Sep 1942Huggins / PierceNavarino Bay shipping
25 Sep 1942Huggins / PierceShipping strike
29 Sep 1942Huggins / PierceSuda Bay
3 Oct 1942Huggins / PierceNavarino Bay Shipping strike
7 Oct 1942Huggins / PierceBenghasi shipping
9 Oct 1942Huggins / PierceBenghasi shipping
11 Oct 1942Pierce / HugginsShipping strike
16 Oct 1942Huggins / PierceBenghasi shipping (abortive)Brought back bombs - Wx
29 Nov 1942Simeral / West 
4 Dec 1942Huggins / Kane 
26 Dec 1942Huggins / PierceSousse (Abortive)Turned back due to weather - landed at Kabrit
1 Jan 1943Huggins / PierceTunis harbourLost formation in cloud, brought bombs back
19 Jan 1943Lewis / BoydstonTripoli HarbourMISSING - 47 miles south of Malta, 14.40hrs. Flak hit both wings and right tip shot away, 2 engs out.

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