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Georgia Peach
B-29-1-BA 42-63356

468th Bomb Group, 793rd Bomb Squadron

Georgia Peach Georgia Peach with (AC) Maj Millar
Georgia Peach with (AC) Maj Millar

Superfortress "Georgia Peach" flew at least nine "Hump" missions in addition to three bombing runs.Shown here with aircraft commander Maj Millar it was later renamed as "Lassie" and "Valkyrie Queen" by which time the "Hump" flights had expanded to 17 with 8 bombing runs.

Based at Chengdu in China, the aircrews had to fly all their supplied and equipment - hence, the camel motifs denoting the "Hump" flights. "Georgia Peach" was one of the first aircraft to bomb Japan's homeland since the Doolittle raid when it bombed the Yawata steel works. Maj Millar's crew were returned to the USA to train with the 509th Composite Group.

Declared as War Weary the B29 returned to USA on 11th December 1944 to ultimately be scrapped at Pyote, Texas on 21st December 1949.


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