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Flak Wolf
B-17F-25-DL 42-3131

303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb Squadron

Flak Wolf

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


18 Feb 1943? Assigned to USAAF
20 Feb 1943? To Cheyenne Modification Center
4 Jun 1943? Assigned to 303rd Bomb Group at Molesworth
11 Jun 1943F W LipeWilhelmshavenReturned early, non-sortie - mechanical fault
13 Jun 1943A F BurchBremenReturned early, non-sortie
22 Jun 1943F W LipeHuls?
23 Jun 1943F W LipeVillacoublay airfield (Recall)?
23 Jun 1943F W Lipe / J G RolfsonVillacoublay (recall)
25 Jun 1943F W LipeHamburg?
26 Jun 1943F W Lipe / J G RolfsonVillacoublay ADFw109 claimed
26 Jun 1943F W LipeVillacoublay airfieldOne Fw190 claimed destroyed
28 Jun 1943F W Lipe / J G RolfsonBeaumont-le-Roger AF
28 Jun 1943F W LipeBeaumont-le-Roger airfield?
4 Jul 1943F W Lipe / J G RolfsonLe Mans
4 Jul 1943F W LipeLe Mans airfield?
10 Jul 1943W G LeFevrePoix &Abbeville airfields?
10 Jul 1943W G LeFevre / J G RolfsonPoix + Abbeville AFs
14 Jul 1943J C JamesVillacoublay airfield?
14 Jul 1943J C James / H C NessVillacoublay AD
17 Jul 1943J G Rolfson / G W ShopeT/Op N.Germany
17 Jul 1943J G RolfsonTargets of Opportunity?
25 Jul 1943W G LeFevreHamburgOne Me109 claimed destroyed. (BT) suffered anoxia
29 Jul 1943J G RolfsonKiel (Heligoland)?
30 Jul 1943J G RolfsonKasselReturned early, non-sortie - #1 & #4 engines rough
15 Aug 1943B J CardwellAmiens & Poix airfields?
15 Aug 1943B J Cardwell / E M WoddropAmiens + Poix a/ds
16 Aug 1943R J HullarLeBourget airfield?
16 Aug 1943R J Hullar / W KlintLeBourget AF
17 Aug 1943C M OlsonSchweinfurtCategory AC damage - mg + self-inflicted + shell cases
24 Aug 1943B J CardwellDiversion?
27 Aug 1943B J Cardwell / E M WoddropWattenCat A - flak
27 Aug 1943B J CardwellWatten V-weapon siteCategory A damage - flak
31 Aug 1943B J Cardwell / E M WoddropAmiens-Glisy AFsR/E (NS) - (BT) heated suit failed
31 Aug 1943B J CardwellAmiens-Glisy airfieldReturned early, non-sortie - (BT) heated suit shorted out
6 Sep 1943A A CoteStuttgartOne Fw190 claimed destroyed
7 Sep 1943B J CardwellBrussels-Evere airfield?
7 Sep 1943B J Cardwell / E M WoddropBrussels Evere a/d
9 Sep 1943E M WoddropVitry-en-Artois airfield?
9 Sep 1943E M Woddrop / J C BarkerVitry-en-Artois AD
23 Sep 1943E M WoddropNantes (sub supply ship)?
27 Sep 1943E M WoddropEmden port area?
27 Sep 1943E M Woddrop / G C HendersonEmden port
2 Oct 1943E M WoddropEmden port area?
2 Oct 1943E M Woddrop / G C HendersonEmden port
8 Oct 1943R E WhitcombBremen?
9 Oct 1943E M WoddropAnklam?
10 Oct 1943E M WoddropCoesfeld?
3 Nov 1943E M WoddropWilhelmshaven?
5 Nov 1943E M WoddropGelsenkirchenCategory A damage - flak
16 Nov 1943E M WoddropKnaben (Abortive)?
26 Nov 1943E M WoddropBremenCategory A damage - flak + shell cases
5 Dec 1943E M WoddropSt Jean d'Angeley airfield?
5 Dec 1943E M Woddrop / G C HendersonSt Jean D'Angeley (abortive)
13 Dec 1943D L BarnesBremen?
16 Dec 1943D L BarnesBremen?
20 Dec 1943J J McGarryBremenReturned early, non-sortie - #2 pro ran away
31 Dec 1943V L MoncurBordeaux?
4 Jan 1944D L BarnesKielReturned early, non-sortie - run away prop
5 Jan 1944D L BarnesKielCategory A damage - flak
11 Jan 1944J W CarothersOscherslebenMISSING - crashed south of Osnabruck

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