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Endicott Special

35th Pursuit Group

Endicott Special

A P-39 Airacobra built by Bell and donated to the USAAC by members of the Union-Endicott Public School in Endicott, New York as part of their war bond drive. Pupils and staff accumulated over $281,000 in War Bond sales and sponsored three P-39 Airacobra, all of which carried a tiger head emblem on the nose. The brand new aircraft were presented to selected members of staff and pupils with their newly applied tiger head emblems.

Based in Australia and later New Guinea. Flown by Capt Grant Dubishire it intercepted a Japanese force of 12 bombers and 25 fighters near Lae, New Guinea and shot down three Zero fighters and one bomber. Dubishire stated "The whole business lasted under a minute. I went in first... with two wingmen, while tohers followd in three flights. I took to three Jap leaders. All three went down smoking." Ten other bombers were destroyed by the other Airacobras in the attack.


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