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Net Results
B-24M-5-CO 44-41875

380th Bomb Group, 528th Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
380th Bomb Group, 528th Bomb Squadron
Fenton, Australia

Net Results
There were two similarly named B24s assigned to 380th Bomb Group but the earlier aircraft, although incorporating a similar dishevelled girl, is painted in a style unlike any of Ebbeson's other works and is believed to be by another, unknown, artist. Based on a magazine pinup, Ebbeson painted a superbly modelled figure with intricate detail and once again he used a circle of solid colour to pick out the figure from the silver metal background. This B24 was equipped with the latest electronic countermeasures equipment, code named "Raven". A late arrival to the Pacific war, this "Raven" Liberator flew several missions with different crews during the period April to August 1945 and survived hostilities. It returned to the USA to be scrapped at the end of October 1945.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


1 Apr 1945ErwinHong Kong
4 Apr 1945Capt KunsToyohara AD
7 Apr 1945HillToyohara AD
11 Apr 1945SullivanTainan AD
12 Apr 1945BissonTainan AD
13 Apr 1945Capt KunzCanton Harbour
16 Apr 1945RuppGiran AD
17 Apr 1945Capt DysonShinshoshi
19 Apr 1945HartleyShinchiku
25 Apr 1945PedersonSaigon DocksRefuelled at Palawan
28 Apr 1945Capt KunzOkayama AD
1 May 1945PedersonKagi
4 May 1945BradleySaigon Oil/Shipyards
8 May 1945PedersonIndo China coastal bridgesRCM a/c
13 May 1945GreuelIndo-China coastal bridges
15 May 1945PedersonShinchiku
17 May 1945McGuire / ?MatsuyamaRCM a/c
18 May 1945Moran / ?Taichu AFRCM a/c
19 May 1945PedersonKiirun
22 May 1945D'AlessandroKiirun
24 May 1945GreuelApparri / Lal-Lo
28 May 1945HarrisPhan Rang
1 Jun 1945Pederson / ?Takao
2 Jun 1945Greuel / ?HozanEquipped with ARC + APT-1 + ARQ-8
4 Jun 1945PedersonSibu
5 Jun 1945ErwinMelak Timbali
8 Jun 1945GreuelLabuan
12 Jun 1945Chuley / ?SaigonEquipped with ARC + APT-1
13 Jun 1945Tiffany / ?ToshienEquipped with ARC + ARQ-8 + APT-1
15 Jun 1945BowmanTaichuR/E (S) - Lost #2 engine, 5 hours flying time. Equipped with ARC + APT-1 + ARQ-8
21 Jun 1945LeslieBalikpapan
29 Jun 1945Rupp / ?BalikpapanEquipped with ARC + APT-1 + SPA
1 Jul 1945ChuleyBalikpapan
5 Jul 1945LeslieToyahara
7 Jul 1945 Pederson / ?MatsuyamaEquipped ARC & APT-1 & SPA
8 Jul 1945Bowman / ?ShinchikuEquipped with ARC + APT-1 + ARQ-8
27 Aug 1945BissonPatrol S. Japan


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