USAAF Nose Art Research Project

We have been unable to identify most of the crews that flew this B24. Also unknown are the missions flown in April - May 1945. If you can help answer any of these queries please make contact.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


25 Feb 1944? Delivered to USAAF from Douglas plant, Tulsa
16 Apr 1944Lt D Mann Assigned overseas via southern route to Burtonwood
20 May 1944? Assigned to 453BG, crew chief : M/Sgt John Randall
22 May 1944?Siracourt - St PoisV-weapon site
23 May 1944?Orleans - Bricy?
24 May 1944?Bricy airfield?
25 May 1944?Terrenes rail yard?
27 May 1944?Saarbrucken?
28 May 1944?Zeitz - Merseburg?
30 May 1944?OldenburgFlak damage
31 May 1944(D. Mann)?Lumes (recalled)?
3 Jun 1944?Buc airfield?
6 Jun 1944?Caen3rd mission of day to support invasion
11 Jun 1944?CormiellesAfternoon mission
12 Jun 1944?Conches airfield?
14 Jun 1944?Chateaudun airfieldFlak damage
15 Jun 1944(D Mann)?La Port Boule bridge?
18 Jun 1944?HamburgFlak damage
25 Jun 1944?Buc airfield?
28 Jun 1944?Saarbrucken?
29 Jun 1944?Kothen airfield?
2 Jul 1944?Sautrecure NoBallV-weapon site
6 Jul 1944Lt KuzelkaNoBallReturned early (no sortie) #2 supercharger, #3 engine
11 Jul 1944?Munich - Reims airfield?
12 Jul 1944?Munich - Reims airfield?
13 Jul 1944?Saarbrucken?
17 Jul 1944?Belfort rail yards?
18 Jul 1944?Caen?
19 Jul 1944?Leipheim - Laupheim?
20 Jul 1944?Gotha?
21 Jul 1944?Saarbrucken rail yards?
24 Jul 1944?St Lo (abortive)?
25 Jul 1944?St LoTactical support for ground troops
29 Jul 1944?Bremen?
31 Jul 1944?Ludwigshaven?
2 Aug 1944(D. Mann)?Neuvy-sur-Loire rail bridge?
3 Aug 1944D A Boucher /Conches airfield?
4 Aug 1944D A Boucher /Scherwin?
5 Aug 1944D A Boucher /BrunswickSevere flak damage
14 Aug 1944D A Boucher /Anizy Railroad bridge?
16 Aug 1944D A Boucher /DessauCat B (severe) flak damage -- to sub-depot for repairs
25 Aug 1944?Wismar?
26 Aug 1944?Eindhoven?
27 Aug 1944Lt Tardiff /N. Germany (abortive)?
30 Aug 1944Lt Allen /Pas de Calais NoBallV-weapon site -- (P) completed his 35 mission tour
10 Sep 1944?Ulm?
11 Sep 1944Lt Lorenzo /MisburgFlak damage
25 Sep 1944?Coblenz?
26 Sep 1944?Hamm?
27 Sep 1944Lt Ross /KasselLanded at Brussels, returned 2 days later
29 Jan 1945?Hamm?
31 Jan 1945Lt O'Leary /Berlin (recalled)Landed away due to weather
3 Feb 1945?Magdeburg?
6 Feb 1945?Magdeburg?
9 Feb 1945?Magdeburg?
14 Feb 1945?Magdeburg?
15 Feb 1945?Magdeburg?
19 Feb 1945?Jungenthal?
21 Feb 1945?Nurnburg?
22 Feb 1945?Halberstadt - Vienenberg?
23 Feb 1945?Paderborn?
24 Feb 1945?Lehte?
26 Feb 1945J H Rogers /Berlin?
27 Feb 1945?Halle?
28 Feb 1945?Arnsberg?
1 Mar 1945?Ingolstadt?
3 Mar 1945?Magdeburg?
8 Mar 1945?Siegen?
9 Mar 1945?Munster?
10 Mar 1945?Paderborn?
11 Mar 1945?Kiel?
12 Mar 1945J H Rogers /Wetzlar?
15 Mar 1945J H Rogers /Gardelegen"3 holes in nose" "Hit 3 batteries" (R Nippe notes)
20 Mar 1945?Hemingstedt?
21 Mar 1945?Achmer?
22 Mar 1945?Giebelstadt?
24 Mar 1945?WeselFlak damage - Low level to support troops in Rhine crossing
25 Mar 1945?Ehmen?
30 Mar 1945?Wilhelmshaven?
3 Oct 1945? To Altus, Oklahoma for scrapping

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