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Duffy's Tuffys
B-17G-100-BO 43-38945

100th Bomb Group, 418th Bomb Squadron

We have been unable to locate any photograph of this aircraft.
If you have any further information on its crew(s), mission details or pictures/documents relevant to this (or any other aircraft) we would be pleased to receive copies.
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Plane Names & Bloody Noses
Also known as "THIS IS IT!"

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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


27 Dec 1944Gerald P Kane /FuldaSlight battle damage
30 Dec 1944???KasselBrought back one bomb
31 Dec 1944Thomas J Carley /HamburgCategory A damage. Bomb rack malfunctioned
7 Jan 1945???Cologne marshalling yardsOne bomb hung up momentarily
14 Jan 1945???DerbenOne bomb shackle jammed
20 Jan 1945Thomas J Carley /HeilbronnReturned early - lost formation, lost #2 engine
28 Jan 1945???DuisbergCategory A damage, turned back and jettisoned bombs
3 Feb 1945???Berlin?
6 Feb 1945???Target of opportunity?
9 Feb 1945Thomas J Carley /WeimerAttacked by one jet fighter - lost one engine
15 Feb 1945Thomas J Carley /BerlinSlight battle damage
17 Feb 1945Thomas J Carley /Giessen marshalling yardsCategory A damage
21 Feb 1945???NurnbergCategory A damage
23 Feb 1945Lonnie A Doyle /Treuchtlingen?
2 Mar 1945R N Kallstrand /DresdenFlew A sqn, high flight
8 Mar 1945Harold B Bayley /Langandreer?
9 Mar 1945Harold B Bayley /FrankfurtCategory A damage, flew C sqn, 2nd element
10 Mar 1945J M Harbison /DortmundFlew with 95th Bomb Group formation
12 Mar 1945Thomas J Carley /SwinemundeFlew A sqn, high flight
14 Mar 1945Thomas J Carley /SeelzeFlew C sqn, 2nd element lead flight
15 Mar 1945???WittenbergCategory A damage, flew C sqn, high flight
18 Mar 1945Thomas J Carley /Berlin - FalkenburgCategory A damage, flew A sqn, high flight
19 Mar 1945Thomas J Carley /Lutzkendorf - Fulda - JenaCategory A damage, flew C sqn, high flight
23 Mar 1945???Unna(NS) - spare PFF a/c
28 Mar 1945Thomas J Carley /HanoverFlew B sqn, 2nd element
3 Apr 1945L C Fillingame or T J Carley(?)KielFlew D sqn, 1st element
4 Apr 1945Lyman C FillingameKielFlew C sqn, 3rd element
5 Apr 1945J J Bovenzi /Nurnburg?
7 Apr 1945Gerald P Kane /BuchenCategory AC damage - flak. One Me109 destroyed (TG)
8 Apr 1945R N Kallstrand /Eger marshalling yards?
10 Apr 1945J J Bovenzi /Burg-bei-MagdeburgCategory AC damage - flak, flew C sqn, 3rd element
13 Apr 1945Sharpe /PracticeNon sortie - practice
14 Apr 1945J J Bovenzi /RoyanFlew B sqn, 2nd element
15 Apr 1945J J Bovenzi /RoyanFlew A sqn, 2nd element
19 Apr 1945McAllister /PracticeNon sortie - practice
3 May 1945R E Stoelting /Chowhound -BerganFood drop to Norwegian civilians
5 May 1945Leiche /ChowhoundFlew D sqn 3rd element
7 May 1945R N Kallstrand /Chowhound -SchipolFood drop to Dutch civilians
19 May 1945Leiche /HorschingPOW ferry, flew A sqn, 2nd element
30 Jun 1945?Returned USABradley Field AAB, CT
2 Jul 1945? South Plains AAB
6 Dec 1945?SCRAPPEDRFC Kingman, Arizona

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