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Double Trouble (CBI)


Double Trouble (CBI) Photo courtesy of Cherie Roberton
Photo courtesy of Cherie Roberton

Not actually a USAAF aircraft since it was not produced until post-war by which time the designation had been changed to USAF. This aircraft named "Double Trouble" was one of only a hundred or so Twin Mustangs built as a potential replacement for the ageing P61 Black Widow Night Fighter. Ordered in 1946, aircraft were deployed to their units in mid-1949 initially based in Okinawa with 347th Fighter (All Weather) Group. When the Korean Conflict began in June 1950, the F-82 was the only available fighter that could range the length of the Korean peninsula and so was immediately deployed to airfields around Seoul.

The thin elongated fixture which is carrying the nose art on "Double Trouble" housed the SCR-720 radar which was slung between and below the two cockpits of the twin boom airplane.

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