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Devil's Ball
B-17G-10-BO 42-31238

351st Bomb Group, 511th Bomb Squadron

Devil's Ball
"Devil's Ball" was named in the tradition of many other 511th Bomb Squadron aircraft by incorporating the word 'Ball' in the title, after the squadron's first commander Clinton F Ball.

This aircraft reportedly completed 64 combat missions but we have only been able to identify 60. If you can add to these or offer any photos or further information on missions and crews relating to this aircraft we would be pleased to hear from you.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


7 Oct 1943? Delivered to Cheyenne Modification Center
21 Oct 1943? To Grand Island AAB, Nebraska
27 Oct 1943? To Nashville AAB
23 Dec 1943? Assigned to 351BG
30 Dec 1943D E Watson /LudwigshavenChemical & explosives factory
31 Dec 1943F W Turbyne /Cognac airfield?
21 Jan 1944S L Wendt /St Omer V-weapon site?
29 Jan 1944C T Pryor /FrankfurtCategory A - flak damage
5 Feb 1944C T Pryor /Chateauroux airfield?
6 Feb 1944C T Pryor /Caen airfield?
11 Feb 1944G Johnson /Frankfurt?
21 Feb 1944C T Pryor /Achmer airfield?
22 Feb 1944D M Heller /Bernberg airfieldMay have bombed Magdeburg as target of opportunity
2 Mar 1944C T Pryor /Frankfurt?
3 Mar 1944C T Pryor /Wilhelmshaven?
4 Mar 1944J J Redmond /Bonn?
6 Mar 1944G W Mears /BerlinBombed Templin -- 38 miles NNE of Berlin
11 Mar 1944J C Scarlett /Munster?
13 Mar 1944M J Borchert /Beauvoir airfield?
23 Mar 1944C T Pryor /Munster?
24 Mar 1944C T Pryor /Schweinfurt?
26 Mar 1944C T Pryor /Watten V-weapon site?
27 Mar 1944C T Pryor /Tours airfield?
9 Apr 1944C T Pryor /Rahmel airfield, Poland?
11 Apr 1944C T Pryor /Arnimswalde?
19 Apr 1944A J Zitollo /Kassel?
20 Apr 1944R W Crews /La Glacerie V-weapon site?
25 Apr 1944W H Power /Nancy airfield (Abortive)?
26 Apr 1944W H Power /Brunswick?
27 Apr 1944R J Roper /Beauvoir V-weapon site?
4 May 1944M Karagiannis /Berlin (Recalled)?
7 May 1944M Karagiannis /BerlinCategory A - flak damage
9 May 1944F/o R E Probasco /Luxembourg rail yards?
11 May 1944I L Belote /Luxembourg rail yards?
20 May 1944C F Miller /Villacoublay airfield?
23 May 1944M Karagiannis /Epinal?
25 May 1944M Karagiannis /Metz rail yards?
29 May 1944M Karagiannis /SorauFocke Wulf assembly plant
6 Jun 1944I L Belote /Caen / Le Havre?
7 Jun 1944R J Roper /FalaiseTactical target to support invasion troops
10 Jun 1944L J Dingle /Gael airfield?
11 Jun 1944M Karagiannis /Bernay / St Martin airfields?
12 Jun 1944R Sutton /Cambrai-Niergnes airfield?
15 Jun 1944M Karagiannis /Angouleme rail yards?
21 Jun 1944W M Power /BerlinFriedrichstrasse rail station
22 Jun 1944M Karagiannis /RouenOil storage depot
23 Jun 1944L J Dingle /V-weapon site?
25 Jun 1944H J Matre /Toulouse airfield?
29 Jun 1944L J Dingle /Liepzig?
4 Jul 1944J A Myl /Saumur rail bridge?
6 Jul 1944R S Brackens /V-weapon site?
7 Jul 1944M Karagiannis /LeipzigAircraft factory
11 Jul 1944C D Aldridge /Munich?
16 Jul 1944C R Strange /Stuttgart?
18 Jul 1944M Karagiannis /PeenemundeElectrolytic hydrogen plant
19 Jul 1944M Karagiannis /AugsburgAircraft assembly plant
21 Jul 1944H R Hibbard /SchweinfurtBall bearing plant
31 Jul 1944G W Uttley /Munich?
1 Aug 1944J E Barrieau /Chateaudun airfield?
3 Aug 1944J A Bunnell /Saarbrucken rail yards?
13 Aug 1944H EPopp /LouviersTactical support for ground troops
16 Aug 1944H E Popp /Schkeuckitz?
24 Aug 1944C T Adams /Buchenwald / Nordhausen?
30 Aug 1944C T Adams /Kiel?
8 Sep 1944J C Haba / C M CavettLudwigshavenIced up and crashed near Market Deeping during assembly. 8 killed

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