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Damn Yankee
B-17F-25-BO 41-24557

384th Bomb Group, 545th Bomb Squadron

Damn Yankee

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The Flight Of Eagles
Missing in action on 1st December 1943 on a mission to Leverkusen. Enemy fighter caused serious damage to the aircraft's rear section. Five crew men bailed out before the B17 suddenly nosed dived into the ground near Snellegem, southwest of Bruges, Belgium. Pilot 2Lt Bruce Sundlun evaded capture and his story can be found in "The Flight of Eagles".

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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


3 Sep 1943YelvingtonRomillyR/E - #1 + #3 low manifold pressure (misprint on chart)
6 Sep 1943SundlunStuttgartCat A - flak + shell cases
9 Sep 1943SundlunLille Vendeville
9 Sep 1943B G SundlunLille Vendeville + Vitry
16 Sep 1943SundlunNantes
23 Sep 1943SundlunNantes
27 Sep 1943SundlunEmdenR/E - #2 superchgr ran away
2 Oct 1943SundlunEmden
8 Oct 1943L FieldsBremen
9 Oct 1943SundlunAnklam
10 Oct 1943SundlunMunster
20 Oct 1943SundlunDurenSqn lead
3 Nov 1943SundlunWilhelmshaven
5 Nov 1943SundlunGelsenkirchen
16 Nov 1943SundlunKnaben
26 Nov 1943Thompson / SiguardBremenDeputy lead
1 Dec 1943SundlunSolingenMISSING - e/a, macr # 1334 (5KIA, 4POW)

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