USAAF Nose Art Research Project


B-24D 42-40655

20th Combat Mapping Squadron


Nose art painted by
98th Bomb Group
North Africa


This B24D shows the only known departure from the cartoon imagery which Amos Nicholson used for his other nose art paintings. On the other side of the nose the title "Four Eyes" was carried but it is not known if that was also a Nicholson artwork. This twin-prop breasted flying nude was a popular image amongst the air and ground crews of the USAAF and it was used on many different aircraft in other theatres of operation. So popular was it that it must have originated from one of the many magazines of the period which incorporated pin up art but who conceived the original is still unknown. It is reminiscent of Alberto Vargas' painting which appeared in Esquire magazine's fold-out centre spread but the addition of the whirling props is a later enhancement. If anyone can provide an insight into this I would like to hear from them -- and also see any other examples of the extraordinarily blessed young lady adorning other aircraft!!

"Damfino" flew its first known combat sortie on 19th June 1943 to Reggio di Calibria with Lt Hadcock's crew. They completed a further 13 successful missions in this B24 before succumbing to the deadly flak at Ploesti on 1st August.


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