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City Of Cooperstown
B-29-70-BW 44-70004

39th Bomb Group, 60th Bomb Squadron

We have been unable to locate any photograph of this aircraft.
If you have any further information on its crew(s), mission details or pictures/documents relevant to this (or any other aircraft) we would be pleased to receive copies.
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On 4th May 1945, under the command of 1Lt Smith L Edwards, fire suddenly erupted near the radio room as the Superfort was almost home after raiding Saeki airfield on Kyushu. They were just 20 miles from Iwo Jima. Radio man Sgt Anderson alerted the crew and attempted to fight the fire which seemed to be coming from under the floor. Emptying the fire extinguisher initially he put out the fire but it then re-ignited and all electrical power was lost putting radios out and preventing the under carriage from being lowered as signal of their emergency to other aircraft.

Smoke quickly filled the interior and the crew began to bail out. The navigator was severely burned but managed to bail out along with several other crew members. The plane came round in the circle with the entire nose on fire and flames coming back out of the top and right fuselage. After a 90 degree turn the B29 exploded before hitting the water. Five chutes were seen by other aircraft who radioed in the position of the downed plane and ten minutes later a USN PBY4 dropped sea markers and smoke bombs, then dingys were dropped to assist those in the water.

A mine sweeper and an escort destroyed arrived on the scene later and picked up the navigator, co-pilot, radio man and one of the gunners. Seven crew members were never found.


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