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City Of Flatbush
B-29-65-BW 44-69862

19th Bomb Group, 30th Squadron

City Of Flatbush

This Superfortress was assigned to Jim Hall's Crew #63 and they completed 35 missions, all but one flown in this B-29. Delivered in February 1945 it was flown overseas from Kearney AAB at the end of March. The serial number has, in the past, been confused with #682 which was assigned to another 19th Bomb Group squadron.

"City of Flatbush", coded M-35, survived the war and is believed to have been re-assigned to 301st Bomb Wing at Barksdale AFB in Louisianna. Later in 1951 it arrived in England on temporary detachment to 22nd Bomb Wing at Lakenheath. It was finally salvaged at Tinker AFB in August 1954.


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