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Bucksheesh Benny Rides Again
B-24D-20-CO 41-24112

389th Bomb Group

Bucksheesh Benny Rides Again

Christened at Cairo, Egypt, by Jack Benny while he was on a USO tour, this Liberator had previously been assigned to 44th Bomb Group. Arriving with 44BG in May 1943, it was soon transferred to 389th Bomb Group at the end of the month. Initially, it had carried the name 'Captain and his kids' but crashlanded at Hethel on 4 November 1943. Lt John Cadenhead Jr was returning from a routine training flight when he landed misaligned to the runway due to visibility problems, skidding and collapsing the nose wheel and damaging the lower fuselage and nose section. It was salvaged as damaged beyond repair.

The exact date for the name change and the christening by Benny, accompanied by Larry Adler and several army nurses, is not yet established but photos taken at the time reveal nine missions had been flown. The USO team toured Africa during the summer of 43 and made a recording from Cairo on 13th September in which he refers several times to the word 'bucksheeh'. It is a term used throughout the middle east meaning a small sum of money or a 'freebie.'


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