USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Hard t' Get
B-24H-15-CF 41-29486

486th Bomb Group, 835th Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
486th Bomb Group, 834th Bomb Squadron
Sudbury, England

Hard t' Get
Assigned to England on 26th March 1944, the aircraft flew only six missions whilst on the group's manifest. Two of these, on 30th June to Conches airfield and 14th July to Peronne, were flown as part of the 493BG formation. The aircraft's final (7th) sortie with 486BG on 19th July was aborted due to a mechanical failure. After with 486BG converted to flying B17 Fortresses in late July 1944, "Hard t'Get" was transferred to 406th Bomb Squadron for night leaflet dropping. Specially modified for night flying the aircraft continued in this role until the end of the year. It was salvaged on 31st December 1944.


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