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Bombin Buggy II
B-29-35-BW 42-24541

Bombin Buggy II

This B-29 service with 395BS initially whilst based at Chakulia, India but was re-assigned to the 44BS when the Group was transferred to Tinian. It survived the war and was returned to the USA as "War Weary" in June 45.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


30 Nov -0001W E Buechler / J T WhitakerTokyo
30 Nov -0001W E Buechler / J T WhitakerYokohamaSeveral ribs repaired due to BD
20 Jul 1944 Arrived India
20 Aug 1944Maj WhiteYawata
8 Sep 1944Capt J C Eigenmann / W E BakerAnshanProb Tojo + Oscar dest
25 Sep 1944Capt W A Hunter / F L BrownYawataBombed 2ndary (Dairen)
14 Oct 1944Okayama Formosa
17 Oct 1944Einansho ADReturned with bombs
3 Nov 1944Capt C F Gray / J H DannanRangoon Malagon MY
7 Nov 1944Search(G F Appignani missions)
20 Nov 1944Capt W A Hunter / F L BrownOmuraLanded at Suichwan, China
7 Dec 1944Capt C E Lowry / J C BurrowsMukden
18 Dec 1944Capt G Lowry / W BurrowsHankow
19 Dec 1944Capt G Lowry / W BurrowsOmura
20 Dec 1944Capt W Howard / J DeckerMukden
21 Dec 1944Mukden
9 Jan 1945Formosa
14 Jan 1945Kagi & Taichi & Heito AFs
17 Jan 1945Shinchiku AD
27 Jan 1945Saigon naval base
1 Feb 1945W S Markham / Capt G F DSingapore dry dock
6 Feb 1945Bangkok
7 Feb 1945Capt J F Lowry / W BurrowsBangkok bridge
11 Feb 1945Rangoon
24 Feb 1945Singapore Empire dock
2 Mar 1945Capt G C Lowry / W C BurrowsSingapore
2 Mar 1945Singapore naval base
7 Apr 1945Capt G Lowry / BurrowsNagoyaOn DS with 504BG 398BS
12 Apr 1945Capt G Lowry / BurrowsKoriyamaOn DS with 504BG 398BS
15 Apr 1945Capt G Lowry / BurrowsKawasakiOn DS with 504BG 398BS
17 Apr 1945Capt G Lowry / BurrowsKanoyaOn DS with 504BG 398BS
20 Apr 1945Capt G Lowry / BurrowsIzumiOn DS with 504BG 398BS
10 May 1945R H Covey / D E TischerOshimaLanded at Iwo Jima - fuel transfer pump inop
17 May 1945R H Covey / D TischerNagoya
23 May 1945--Transferred to Tinian from CBI
1 Jun 1945W E Buechler /Osaka urban
10 Jun 1945T J DohertyOmiyaR/E (NS) - abort
11 Jun 1945--Tinian to USA as "War Weary"


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