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Bomber Dear
B-17G-45-BO 42-97234

91st Bomb Group

Bomber Dear

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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


12 May 1944R E SheriffLutzkendorfCat A - flak
19 May 1944Capt A R KuehlBerlin
20 May 1944F KnightVillacoublay AF
22 May 1944Capt A R KuehlKiel
24 May 1944Capt A R KuehlBerlinCat AC - flak
31 May 1944Capt A R KuehlMulhouse(P) completed tour
2 Jun 1944Capt R A Ranzoni / H F MosleyBoulogne
3 Jun 1944G O Albin / B P SmithHardelot coastal battery
4 Jun 1944J K Ransberger / H W SupchakHardelot coastal battery
5 Jun 1944J K Ransberger / H W SupchakHoulogate
8 Jun 1944Capt R A Ranzoni / J K RansbergerLa Frilliere (Tours)
11 Jun 1944Capt R A Ranzoni / LtCol L P EnsignBeaumont-le-Roger
12 Jun 1944J J Stunf / W R KennedyCambrai-Niergnes airfield
13 Jun 1944Capt R A Ranzoni / E J StoneBeaumont-sur-Oise
15 Jun 1944Capt R A Ranzoni / E J StoneBordeaux-Merignac
18 Jun 1944A J O'Toole / R E GouldHamburgR/E (NS) - lost formation during form-up
19 Jun 1944C J Braund / J SykesBordeaux-Merignanc A/F
20 Jun 1944D D Peck / R E GouldHamburg
24 Jun 1944L C Basinger / F/O M E HensenDistre, Saumer RR bridge
25 Jun 1944L C Basinger / F/O M E HensenToulouse-Blagnac AF
28 Jun 1944D D Peck / W H DietrichAnizy RR bridge
6 Jul 1944L C BasingerAire NoBall
7 Jul 1944L C BasingerLeipzig - Kolleda
8 Jul 1944N N BurwickEtaples - Crepieul
9 Jul 1944L C BasingerCrepieul - Fleury (abortive)
12 Jul 1944Maj TaylorMunichR/E (NS) - #2 eng ran rough, threw oil
18 Jul 1944A O'ToolePeenemunde
19 Jul 1944L C BasingerLechfeld
20 Jul 1944L C BasingerLiepzig Mockau
24 Jul 1944St Lo (tactical)R/E(NS) - aborted soon after take-off. Crew took spare but could not catch formation
28 Jul 1944O J Snow / N C JensenMerseburg (Taucha)Landed at Wendling
4 Aug 1944R S HuffmanPeenemunde
5 Aug 1944W L EblenNienburg
7 Aug 1944L C BasingerSens-Bourron-Marlotte
8 Aug 1944FarisBretteville-sur-Laize
9 Aug 1944L C BasingerElsenborn
12 Aug 1944L C BasingerBuc airfield
13 Aug 1944T P Burne / J W KecklerLe Manoir bridge
14 Aug 1944L C BasingerMetz-Frascaty airfield
15 Aug 1944A ErnstOstheim
16 Aug 1944L C Basinger / M E HansenHalle
24 Aug 1944J R StevensKolleda-Goslar a/d
30 Aug 1944J R StevensKiel
5 Sep 1944D R HettemaLudwigshaven
9 Sep 1944D R HettemaLudwigshaven
13 Sep 1944V B MagheeLutzkendorf
21 Sep 1944D R HettemaMainzR/E (NS) - #4 eng oil pressure
2 Oct 1944D R Hettema / M H RussumKassel / Fritzlar
6 Oct 1944D R Hettema / M H RussumNeubrandenburg
7 Oct 1944D R Hettema / M H RussumRuhland-Freiberg-Wurzen
9 Oct 1944D R Hettema / M H RussumSchweinfurt
14 Oct 1944C M Kirkham / E C GatesCologne#3 in low flight low sqn. "runaway prop 15 mins after target. Got a couple of little flak holes..." (Gates diary)
17 Oct 1944J R Stevens / T F FlemmingCologne
26 Oct 1944D R Hettema / M H RussumMunster
30 Oct 1944D R HettemaHamm
2 Nov 1944J H Liekhus / R C WisorMerseburgMISSING -- last seen at 1257hrs "just after target burning."

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