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Belchin' Bessie
B-24H-15-CF 41-29559

34th Bomb Group, 7th Bomb Squadron

Belchin' Bessie

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


13 Apr 1944S T Alexander At Morrison Field AAB, FL, ordered overseas
23 May 1944S T AlexanderEtampes Mondesir?
27 May 1944S T AlexanderMetz, Woippy?
29 May 1944S T AlexanderPolitzCat A battle damage
6 Jun 1944S T AlexanderCaen1st D-Day mission
6 Jun 1944S T AlexanderLiseaux2nd D-Day mission
7 Jun 1944R N HarrisTours?
9 Jul 1944J C SmithForet de St Saens NoBallV-weapon site
14 Jul 1944S T AlexanderMont Didiers?
17 Jul 1944S T AlexanderNevy sur Loire?
18 Jul 1944S T AlexanderFrenouville?
19 Jul 1944S T AlexanderSaarbrucken, Konz KarthausCat A - flak damage
20 Jul 1944E H SwensonRusselheimNon-sortie airborne spare
21 Jul 1944S T AlexanderTargets of OpportunityReturned early when #3 supercharger failed
24 Jul 1944S T AlexanderSt LoTactical support mission
25 Jul 1944S T AlexanderSt LoTactical support mission
27 Jul 1944R L WhitedWissant, Brussels?
5 Aug 1944S T AlexanderHalberstadt?
6 Aug 1944S T AlexanderLa Briqueterie, Val de JoncsV-weapon sites
7 Aug 1944R N Harris (non-sortie) Scheduled as airborne spare
8 Aug 1944S T AlexanderSt Sylvestre NoBallV-weapon site
11 Aug 1944S T AlexanderOrleansCRASHED on take off and burned

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Nose art painted by
Cpl Anthony L STARCER

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