USAAF Nose Art Research Project


B-24D-CO 41-11776

98th Bomb Group, 343rd Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
98th Bomb Group
North Africa

This aircraft was also known as
Jersey Jackass


The Pyramidiers' 343rd Bomb Squadron made good use of many of the other characters from the "Snow White" film including Prince Charming, the Witch and, of course, the seven dwarfs. "Bashful" was another of Amos Nicholson's skilful paintings with the figure facing forward, as it did with all his nose arts. It is believed that Amos painted all his first versions of the Disney dwarfs using a traditional shadow script for the titling. "Happy" was an exception to this, it used a shadow sans serif style for the title and the second version of "Dopey" used an entirely different approach to the titling, with multi-coloured, jumbled letters.

The right side of "Bashful" was previously painted by another 98BG artist as "Jersey Jackass". It was another of the B24s which were tragically lost on the daring low level mission to Ploesti on 1st August 1943. Six of John McGraw's crew were killed that day and the three survivors became prisoners or war. The B24D had begun combat flying a year earlier on 25th August 1942 when it was taken to bomb the Corinth Canal by Lt Muehlberg who would fly no less than 25 missions in the plane up to mid-April 1943. A further 15 missions were added by other crews until it was brought down in Romania on the infamous Ploesti mission with the 389BG crew of John McGraw.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


25 Aug 1942J R MuehlbergCorinth Canal 
29 Aug 1942J R MuehlbergShipping strikeReturned early - aborted - hydraulics + 2 generators out
5 Sep 1942J R MuelhbergCandia BayShipping strike
25 Sep 1942J R MuehlbergShipping strike#2 eng malfunctioned
3 Oct 1942J R MuehlbergNavarino BayShipping strike
9 Oct 1942J R MuehlbergBenghasi shippingLost #4 supercharger, jettisoned bombs
16 Oct 1942J R MuehlbergBenghasi shippingAbortive due to weather, bombs returned
19 Oct 1942J R MuehlbergBenghasi shippingReturned early - aborted - #3 engine out
28 Oct 1942J R MuehlbergNavarino BayShipping strike
4 Nov 1942C C ClintonBenghasi harbour 
6 Nov 1942Capt J R MuehlbergBenghasi harbour 
10 Nov 1942Capt J M KilgoreBenghasi harbourReturned early - mechanical trouble
23 Nov 1942Capt J R MuehlbergTripoliAbortive due to weather
28 Nov 1942Capt J R MuehlbergTripoli 
2 Dec 1942G E GroffNaples harbourAll 4 engines stopped over sea but restarted
28 Dec 1942Capt J R MuehlbergSousseAborted just prior to target due to oxygen loss
1 Jan 1943Capt J R MuehlbergTunis harbourReturned early - tail turret out, landed at Kabrit
8 Jan 1943Capt J R MuehlbergBizerta shippingrerturbed early -- #1 engine lost oil
15 Jan 1943J D HardenTripoliFlak damage to nose and wing
24 Jan 1943Capt J R MuehlbergPalermo Docks 
31 Jan 1943G R GroffMessina ferry slipway 
3 Feb 1943Capt J R MuehlbergPalermo / Messinareturned early -- #2 supercharger out
13 Feb 1943Capt J R MuehlbergNaples / Palermoreturned early -- gunner sick
23 Feb 1943Capt J R MuehlbergMessina ferry slipwayLost top and tail guns just after target
13 Mar 1943J D HardenNaples harbour 
18 Mar 1943Lt JorgensenNaples harbourReturned early -- #1 and #4 engines out
24 Mar 1943Capt J R MuehlbergMessina ferry slipway 
2 Apr 1943Capt J R MuehlbergNaples harbourReturned early -- crewman suffered epileptic fit
5 Apr 1943Capt J R MuehlbergPalermo 
7 Apr 1943Capt J R MuehlbergPalermoAborted -- lost formation in bad weather
11 Apr 1943Capt J R MuehlbergNaples 
13 Apr 1943Capt J R MuehlbergCatania 
15 Apr 1943Capt J R MuelhbergPalermo 
26 Apr 1943D S WattBari airfield 
28 Apr 1943D S WattMessina ferry terminalOne Me109 claimed destroyed
1 May 1943D S WattReggio harbourAbortive due to weather
4 May 1943D S WattReggio harbour 
21 May 1943D S WattReggio di CalabriaOne Me109 claimed destroyed
25 May 1943C S LookerMessinaReturned early -- #1 engine feathered, smoking and windmilling
7 Jul 1943D C JohnsonGerbini 
11 Jul 1943C W GoodenVibo Valentia 
17 Jul 1943L E MurphyNaplesHit by flak -- 40 holes, hydraulics shot out
1 Aug 1943J J McGraw (389BG)PloestiMISSING -- down in Romania, 6 KIA, 3 POW


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