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Sure Skin
C-47A-35-DL 42-23860

475th Troop Carrier Group

Nose art painted by

Sure Skin Photo courtesy of Rick Janicki
Photo courtesy of Rick Janicki
Artwork #10 from Balliet painted in 1943 portrayed yet another of his nudes restfully reclining between the diagonal title. This C47 "Gooney Bird" was assigned to 475th Troop Carrier Group's 68th Squadron and carried the fuselage number of 328.

The aircraft was delivered to the USAAC on 17th June 1943 and arrived in Brisbane, Australia on 23rd August as part of the 5AF. Having served with 68 TCS it was transferred to FEASC and 5295th ASAC(P) in the Philippines.

"Sure Skin" crashed on 6th September 1945 after taking off from Tacloban airfield for a flight to Nelson Field near Manila with Flight Officer Robert Gennette in command. On board were four crew and 26 enlisted men as passengers. It was last observed over Ilben Point on Leyte about 12 miles out from Tacloban, caught in an intense tropical storm. It exploded in mid-air air and crashed into San Pedro Bay.

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