USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Apache Princess
B-25J-10-NC 43-28152

345th Bomb Group, 501st Bomb Squadron

Nose art painted by
345th Bomb Group, 501st Bomb Squadron

Apache Princess Photo courtesy of David Ecoff
Photo courtesy of David Ecoff

Painted by Sgt George Blackwell with assistance from Cpl Joseph Merenda. This Mitchell bomber was reported lost on 27th May 1945, shot down over Mizukami, Formosa. Four men from Ted Hart's crew survived to become POWs.

Apache Princess was one of the early B-25J models, reportedly with record of its nose guns jamming frequently. Unable to effectively attack the flak site which was pouring shell after shell towards it, Hart was forced to proceed through the hail of fire before releasing his bomb load. His left engine caught fire and was feathered but then the right engine faltered and the bomb bay burst into flame. Skimming over a line of trees, Hart brought the doomed Mitchell in to slither over a rice paddy before hitting a ditch.

Four men escaped the burning wreck but were quickly captured and over the remaining months of war Lt Hart was singled out and subjected to severe torture.


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