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North Carolina Federation of Womens Clubs, District 9


North Carolina Federation of Womens Clubs, District 9

Named in honour of the women of the clubs which are members of North Carolina Federation of Womans Clubs, District 9, this B-25 Mitchell bomber has been photographed so as to not reveal any indication of a serial number. It is possible that it existed only in the form of this photo, airbrushed to add the title. By 1944, when this plane was funded, the demands of the war were such that replacement aircraft had to be dispatched as soon as they rolled off the production lines. There was not time to the elaborate christening ceremonies which has been held in the earlier years of conflict.

A news clipping dated July 1944, announced that $216,968 had been raised for the purchase of the plane during the 4th War Loan campaign of bond sales. In addition the women of the North Carolina Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs also hoped to add a further $4,000,000 in the 5th War Loan campaign to enable the purchase of a hospital ship, the 'The Larkspur'.

Clubs which took part in the purchase of the B-25 Mitchell included Aberdeen-Walter Hines Book Club, The Womans Club, The Sandhills Club, Angler Womans Club, Cameron Womans Club, Coats-Fulton Page Book Club, Hamlet Womans Club, Robbins-Hemp Womans Club, Lillington Womans Club, Raeford Womans Club, Sanatorium Sunshone Club, Sanford Womans Club, Vass and West End Womans Clubs.


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