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Lassie I'm Home
B-24L 44-4....

7th Bomb Group


Nose art painted by
Vernon DRAKE
7th Bomb Group

Lassie I'm Home

The title on this B-24 varied slightly from the more popular version of 'Lassie Come Home' which appeared on numerous airplanes in various theatres of operation. Drake's version was based on one of Gil Elvgren's images originally used for the 1940 calendar for Louis F Dow & Co and titled as 'Double Exposure'. This image cropped up all over in a number of forms such as book match covers, playing cards, etc.

It was another of the nose art paintings which was completed with the help of Lt R Goodrich who earned a place in the signature block alongside Lt R L Drake. Goodrich may have been involved in the blocking in of the solid colour on the star-burst background, leaving Vernon's impressive skill to concentrate on the main figure and its subtle toning. A panel chopped from the aircraft when it was salvaged is today preserved at the American Aviation Heritage Museum, Midland, Texas.

'Lassie I'm Home' was one of the group's ten AZON equipped aircraft and was finally flown back to the US with, it is believed, the crew of Capt Virgil Poston. As with so many 7th Bomb Group Liberators, very little is known about the service history or crews of the plane. Even its serial number has yet to be established. Any information is welcome.

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