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A Limited Edition print from Ray Bowden

Mission 183 : Berlin Again

21st June 1944

A Fine Art Edition of 1000 signed and numbered prints, image area 280mm x 450mm,

plus a generous surround for framing or veterans' signatures

Available at £20.00 (Sterling)

including postage within the European Union (USA extra)

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Detail at approximate full size

This Fine Art Print is available in a limited edition of only 1000 copies

and portrays two silver B17G Flying Fortresses of the renowned 91st Bomb Group, 8th Air Force,

based at Bassingbourn, England during World War Two.

Depicted in the painting is one of the group's most famous B17s, christened by

General Eisenhower himself as "General Ike" when he toured the base prior to D-Day, 6th June 1944.

Each print is a faithful reproduction of the original painting and comes with a numbered

authentication certificate supplemented by historical facts, giving details of the 91st Bomb Group's

183rd combat mission and of the two aircraft depicted.

Each copy of this international edition is individually inspected and numbered, and bears

the signature of the artist. It has been acclaimed by enthusiasts and veterans alike.

Ray Bowden's painting "Mission 183 : Berlin Again" is a tribute, not just to the men

of the 91st Bomb Group or veterans of the Berlin raids

but also to all those who flew and maintained that magnificent "Queen of the Skies" -- the B17 Flying Fortress.

Available only from USAAF Nose Art Research Project.