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Merseburg: Blood, Flak & Oil

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Merseburg: Blood, Flak & Oil

By Ray Bowden

"This is a wonderful addition to any collection of WW2 books for its readability and extensive coverage of the target..."
(E.G. -- 91BG veteran)

"A superb job has been done in telling the story of the synthetic oil and chemical plant so vital to the German war machine and the efforts of the bomber crews to destroy it."

(East Anglia Books, Bishop Stortford, UK)

"Your books never disappoint!"

(M.M., Poznan, Poland -- 8AF Researcher and Historian)

"Ray Bowden's latest publication once again makes a great contribution to historians ...

... a grand job of telling the story in its agony, frustration and learning curve..."
(91BG's "Ragged Irregular" Veterans' Journal)

"I have just finished reading the book on Merseburg. It is well written and I understood it perfectly (My English is not what it should be!)...."
(J.J., Bekkevort, Belgium-- *8AF Researcher and Historian)

"The Merseburg book is just GREAT!"

(M.F., California, USA -- 8AF Researcher and Historian)

"... it brings back the horror and tragedy, for both sides, of those days so long ago..."

(H.E., Delitzsch, Germany -- Flak Gunner at Merseburg)

© Ray Bowden 18 July 2024
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