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American Maid (42-24593)

Bad Brew (42-24594)

Lucky Lynn (42-24591)

Lindsey DECKER, 497th Bomb Group, 869th Bomb squadron

497th Bomb Group
Pacific Region

Lindsey Decker trained and qualified as an Aircraft Electrical Specialist. He had enlisted on 1 March 1943 after just one year of college education. Born in Lincoln, Nebraska on 24 January 1923, his family moved to Black Hawk, Iowa. Once he had joined the 497BG on Saipan, his talent as an artist was soon put to good use. As the brand new B-29 Superfortresses flew in from the States with their fledgling crews, Decker got to work on them during his spare time. He signed some of his nose art work as Lin Decker.

When the war ended and Lin returned to civilian life he was able to further his artistic career but his work was a far cry from that seen in his nose arts. Often described as “Brutalist abstract” the sculptures and collages he created were exhibited in Chicago in 1964. Two years later some of his abstract art was on display in New York and today his work is held in the collections of the National Gallery in Washington and the Whitney Museum of American Art in Detroit.

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