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Constant Nymph (42-63487)

Fever from the South (42-63497)

Pacific Queen (42-63429)

Pride of the Yankees (42-24676)

Homing De-Vice (42-24785)

Frisco Nannie (42-93889)


500th Bomb Group, 882nd Bomb Squadron
Isley Field, Saipan

My thanks to Jim Bowman for tracking down a photo of Cpl Johnson

Corporal Henry Johnson was assigned to the B29-equipped 500th Bomb Group (Heavy) which deployed to Isley Field, Saipan in August 1944. He was a draughtsman on the roster of the 882nd Bomb Squadron with the military designation of MOS 070. His signature of "The Drowsy Swede" yields the only known information on Cpl Johnson and if anyone can provide further details of him, his background or information on any other aircraft he painted, I would be delighted to learn of it.

His "By The Drowsy Swede" signature can be seen on several B29 Super Forts, "Constant Nymph", "Fever from the South", "Homing De-Vice", "Pacific Queen", "The Leading Lady" and "Pride of the Yankees". He is also believed to have painted "Supine Sue", "American Beauty" and "Frisco Nanny". Johnson's considerable skill enabled him to execute high quality artworks with almost perfect duplicates of each nose art design on both sides of the aircraft.

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