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449th Bomb Group

NameSerial #TypeUnit
Big Noise From Kentucky42-52149B-24449th Bomb Group, 718th Bomb SquadronBig Noise From Kentucky
Double Trouble42-50742449th Bomb Group, 717th Bomb SquadronDouble Trouble
Dragon Lady42-52134B-24H-10-FO449th Bomb Group, 717th Bomb SquadronDragon Lady
Dragon Lady # 241-28647B-24449th Bomb Group, 719th Bomb SquadronDragon Lady # 2
Peerless Clipper42-29216B-24449th Bomb Group, 717th Bomb SquadronPeerless Clipper
Peerless Clipper II42-64354B-24449th Bomb Group, 716th Bomb SquadronPeerless Clipper II
Spirit Of Illinois42-51553B-24449th Bomb Group, 716th Bomb SquadronSpirit Of Illinois
Spirit Of Plainfield, NJ42-51763B-24449th Bomb Group, 719th Bomb SquadronSpirit Of Plainfield, NJ
Thunder Bay 42-7623B-24-2-FO449th Bomb Group, 717th Bomb SquadronThunder Bay
Two Ton Tessie?42-52117B-24H-10-FO449th Bomb Group, 719th Bomb SquadronTwo Ton Tessie?
Valiant Virgin-iaB-24449th Bomb Group, 716th Bomb SquadronValiant Virgin-ia

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