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USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Nose Art Themes

Vargas Esquire Centerfold December 1943

Images inspired by the Vargas' "Flying Girl" Esquire centre-fold -- December 1943

If you have any photos of any of these aircraft or their crews, or any other painted or named plane, please share them with me
NameSerial #TypeUnit
Armored Angel
44-49624308th Bomb Group, 374th Bomb SquadronArmored Angel
Fiesty Sue
44-14361P-51D-10-NA4th Fighter Group, 335th SquadronFiesty Sue
Flyin' Florence
B-26Flyin' Florence
Frisco Frannie
42-73451380th Bomb Group, 530th Bomb SquadronFrisco Frannie
Georgia Peach
42-73445308th Bomb Group, 375th Bomb SquadronGeorgia Peach
Heavenly Babe
458th Bomb GroupHeavenly Babe
Heavenly Body
42-7348490th Bomb Group, 400th Bomb SquadronHeavenly Body
Hell From Heaven
42-728295th Bomb Group, 394th Bomb SquadronHell From Heaven
Just Nothing
42-40000B-17G-10-VE91st Bomb Group, 324th Bomb SquadronJust Nothing
Leading Lady
41-28685461st Bomb Group, 765th Bomb SquadronLeading Lady
Lil Gypsy
41-29127392nd Bomb Group, 579th Bomb SquadronLil Gypsy
Mairzy Doats
42-94891451st Bomb Group, 724th Bomb SquadronMairzy Doats
Miss Liberty
42-31340B-17G-15-BO303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb SquadronMiss Liberty
Niagara's Belle
B-25J341st Bomb GroupNiagara's Belle
A-20410th Bomb GroupOu-La-La
Paper Doll
B-25321st Bomb GroupPaper Doll
Queen Of Hearts
44-4018590th Bomb Group, 320th Bomb SquadronQueen Of Hearts
Strictly From Hunger(??)
100th Bomb GroupStrictly From Hunger(??)
Tail Wind
42-64456454th Bomb Group, 738th Bomb SquadronTail Wind
Titian Temptress
42-10031822nd Bomb Group, 2nd Bomb SquadronTitian Temptress
455th Bomb GroupUnknown
Unknown Vargas #1
A 50-mission Ford-built Liberator
B-24?-?-FOUnknown Vargas #1
Unknown Aircraft of 15th Air Force
UnknownUnknown Aircraft of 15th Air Force
Weather Witch
44-49506B-24L-10-FOUnknownWeather Witch
Yo-Yo Buddy
43-39199B-17G-105-BO100th Bomb Group, 418th Bomb SquadronYo-Yo Buddy

Information Update for Readers of
"Plane Names & Fancy Noses - 91st Bomb Group (Heavy)"

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