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USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Nose Art Themes

Gooney Birds

The unsung heroes of WW2, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain and its specialist paratroop partner the C-53, were the workhorses of the US Army Air Force. They were popularly known amongst the crews who flew and maintained them as "Gooney Birds". Not only did they fulfill the role of transporting troops and hauling vital supplies but they were also involved in all the major airborne assault operations of the war delivering paratroopers and pulling gliders, sometimes two at a time. These often over-looked transports flew unarmed and unarmoured, at low levels, through flak and small arms fire to deliver men, supplies and fuel. They provided medivac for casualties as well as clandestine missions to take in secret agents and bring out evaders from enemy territory.
NameSerial #TypeUnit
Ace of (Hearts)
C-47Ace of (Hearts)
Arkansas Traveler
42-100670C-47A-70-DL436th Troop Carrier Group, 79th Troop Carrier SquadronArkansas Traveler
Big Snatch
1st Air Commando
C-471st Air CommandoBig Snatch
Billie L.
C-47A433rd Troop Carrier GroupBillie L.
Bouncin Bitch
C-47314th GroupBouncin Bitch
Chattanooga Choo Choo
C-53Chattanooga Choo Choo
Cold Turkey Sucka
C-47Cold Turkey Sucka
Damn Yankee
42-100569C-47A-65-DL436th Troop Carrier Group, 82nd Troop Carrier SquadronDamn Yankee
Flying Barber (The)
42-100571C-47A-65-DL436th Troop Carrier Group, 82nd Troop Carrier SquadronFlying Barber (The)
Ghost of Billie L
42-23713C-47A-30-DL433rd Troop Carrier GroupGhost of Billie L
Homing Pidgeon
42-23417C-47A-20-DLHoming Pidgeon
Hot Pants
C-4720th Combat Mapping SquadronHot Pants
Hot to Go
42-24402C-47A-60-DLHot to Go
Iron Ass
42-92099C-47A-1-DK435th Troop Carrier Group, 75th Troop Carrier SquadronIron Ass
Jean II
43-15240C-47A-80-DLJean II
Kentucky I love thee
43-15395C-47A-80-DL374th Group, 6th SquadronKentucky I love thee
las Vegas Kid
42-92775C-47A-15-DK440th Grouplas Vegas Kid
Liz Belle
C-47A-65-DL437th Troop Carrier GroupLiz Belle
Lookin Foursome
C-4761st Troop Carrier GroupLookin Foursome
Mrs Margaret Carnes
Vivian Leigh christens a C47 Skytrain
C-47UnknownMrs Margaret Carnes
1st Air Commando
C-471st Air CommandoPeaches
Pellican Pappy
43-15172C-47A-80-DL61st Troop Carrier GroupPellican Pappy
The Potent Pelican
C-47UnknownThe Potent Pelican
Pride Of Minnestoa
C-47440th GroupPride Of Minnestoa
1st Air Commando
C-471st Air CommandoR.O.N.
Sad Sack
C-47Sad Sack
42-24204C-47A-50-DL61st Troop Carrier GroupStarbuck
Sure Skin
42-23860C-47A-35-DL433rd Troop Carrier GroupSure Skin
Tail Wind
1st Air Commando
C-471st Air CommandoTail Wind
Tow Tired
42-100580C-47A-65-DL437th Troop Carrier GroupTow Tired
Urgin Virgin
C-47435th Troop Carrier GroupUrgin Virgin
Whooo! The Gray Goose
C-47UnknownWhooo! The Gray Goose
Winged Buffalo
C-47Winged Buffalo

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