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This Is It!
B-24J-195-CO 44-41133

307th Bomb Group


Nose art painted by
Pfc Joseph ORIGLIO
307th Bomb Group
New Guinea & Luzon & Morotai

This Is It!

This painting by Joe Origlio was of Miss October 1944 from an Esquire Magazine calendar, painted by the artist Alberto Vargas. This same image was used by several other nose art painters during the War. The original image in the calendar was drawn on a blank background. As with many of his other nose art paintings Joe Origlio added a South Pacific theme to the setting. The model is posed here on a beach with a coconut tree, not unlike the beach near the seaside airfield on Morotai Island which was the base for the 307th Bomb Group from October 1944 until September 1945.

The tail fins spray painted with the Long Rangers logo for the 307th Bombardment Group and the squadron colours were probably also painted by squadron painter Joe Origlio.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


26 Oct 1944Dodd / FeistTask force strike
8 Nov 1944Franklin / PoggiAlicante AD, NegrosR/E (NS) - could not find group
12 Nov 1944McLaughlin / NickersonAlicante AD, Negros
14 Nov 1944Blauvelt / ScottLangoan AD, Negros
18 Nov 1944Blauvelt / D J ScottTarakan Island
19 Nov 1944Poggi / RussellAlicante AD, Negros
22 Nov 1944Baluvelt / D J ScottBacolod AD, Negros
29 Nov 1944Franklin / BurrinPuerto Princesss AD, PalawanCamera a/c
2 Dec 1944Nowak / HickmanDumaguete Af
21 Dec 1944Bowles / FrenchFabrica RR
8 Jun 1945Key / ConklinBalipapan
11 Jun 1945Key / ConklinTarakan Island
18 Jun 1945Britt / F/o GardnerBalikpapan
1 Aug 1945Heritage / DiehlMakassar, Celebes

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