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The B.T.O.
B-17G-75-BO 43-37988

91st Bomb Group, 324th Bomb Squadron

The B.T.O.

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Merseburg: Blood, Flak & Oil

Read more about this aircraft:

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


13 Jun 1944? Delivered to Cheyenne Modification Center
25 Jun 1944? To Kearney AAB
13 Jul 1944? To Grenier AAB
14 Jul 1944? Assigned to 486BG at Sudbury as a/c H8-F
22 Jul 1944? Assigned to 91BG at Bassingbourn as a/c DF-C
24 Jul 1944H Sherrill /St Lo (Recalled)Tactical support
25 Jul 1944H Sherrill / F J GilliganSt LoTactical support
28 Jul 1944H Sherrill / F J GilliganMerseburg - TauchaMinor flak damage Merseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
29 Jul 1944J R McCombs / D E McKeeMerseburgMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
31 Jul 1944L F Figie / D W WhitsonMunichMinor flak damage
1 Aug 1944H Sherrill / F J GilliganChartres airfieldMinor flak damage
3 Aug 1944H Sherrill / F J GilliganMulhouse - Toul?
4 Aug 1944H Sherrill / F J GilliganPeenemundeMinor battle damage
5 Aug 1944H Sherrill / C C WhitesellNienburg?
6 Aug 1944R D Manville / J W McGourtyBrandebburgMinor battle damage
7 Aug 1944W J O'Brien / W R NewSens-Bourron-Marlotte?
8 Aug 1944C C Whitesell / W G NewBretteville-sur-LaizeMinor battle damage -- brought bombs back
9 Aug 1944H Sherrill / F J GilliganElsenbornFlew with 381BG formation - probably bombed Saarbrucken
11 Aug 1944H Sherrill / J R LindahlBrestMajor flak damage - flak hit wing spar
24 Aug 1944G M Browne /Kolleda - Goslar airfield?
26 Aug 1944P McDowell /GelsenkirchenMinor flak damage
27 Aug 1944R J Flint / H C DonohueHeligolandBerlin recall - brought bombs back
30 Aug 1944G M Browne / J A MoellerKiel?
8 Sep 1944G M Browne / B GoldsteinLudwigshavenMinor battle damage - (P) wounded
13 Sep 1944Stevens /Lutzkendorf?
19 Sep 1944G M Browne / J A MoellerHammMajor battle damage
25 Sep 1944G M Browne / J A MoellerFrankfurtMinor flak damage
27 Sep 1944G M Browne / J A MoellerCologneMinor flak damage - brought bombs back. (CP) completed tour
28 Sep 1944F L Adams / M B AdamsMagdeburgCarried leaftets
30 Sep 1944F L Adams / M B AdamsMunster?
3 Oct 1944G M Browne / B GoldsteinNurnbergMajor battle damage
6 Oct 1944W V Laws / B GoldsteinNeubrandenburg?
7 Oct 1944W V Laws / B GoldsteinRuhland - FrieburgMinor battle damage
9 Oct 1944C C Whitesell / H C DonohueSchweinfurt?
15 Oct 1944G M Browne / A R BartCologneMajor battle damage
22 Oct 1944H J Rustand / W M W PeckBrunswick?
25 Oct 1944D E McKee / T E BoiesHamburgMinor flak damage
26 Oct 1944Capt I O Tufty / J C BowlanMunster?
30 Oct 1944G M Browne / A R BartHamm?
5 Nov 1944G M Browne / A R BartOffenbach?
6 Nov 1944G M Browne / A R BartHamburgMajor flak damage
21 Nov 1944G M Browne / W J AuthMerseburgMajor flak damage - #2 & #3 engs hit. (P) completed tour? Merseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
26 Nov 1944G H Spicer / O JohnsonAltenbekenMajor battle damage - 20mm cannon + mg
29 Nov 1944A Raisin / A R BartMisburg?
30 Nov 1944A Raisin / N KimmelZeitzCarried lealets
4 Dec 1944F C Emerson / W E UphofKassel?
9 Dec 1944W J Auth / J E NicholStuttgartMinor battle damage
11 Dec 1944M B Adams / J E NicholFrankfurt?
12 Dec 1944M B Adams / C C WallaceMerseburgMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
15 Dec 1944H E Johnson / R A BarrettKassel?
18 Dec 1944M B Adams / J E NicholLuxembourgScreening force
24 Dec 1944W J Auth / J E NicholMerzhausen-Kirch Gons2 bombs hung up - jettisoned later
28 Dec 1944M B Adams / T M SantosRemagen?
31 Dec 1944W J Auth / T N Santoni(?)Bitburg?
1 Jan 1945W J Auth / T M BantaKasselMinor battle damage
2 Jan 1945W J Auth / J E NicholPrum?
3 Jan 1945P A Pastras / R F MorrisCologne?
5 Jan 1945H W Balaban / J MadsenCoblenz?
10 Jan 1945J Martin / M L LundOstheim - CologneForcelanded at B-56, over ran, hit C-47, hangar and exploded

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