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St Louis Blues
B-24J-5-CF (F-7A 42-64172

20th Combat Mapping Squadron

St Louis Blues

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


10 Nov 1943? To St Paul Mod. Center for conversion to F-7A photo recon
17 Jan 1944? To Will Rogers Field AAB, Okl -- assigned to 20CMS
9 Feb 1944Lt David W Ecoff Assigned to Crew #12 at Hunter Field, Savannah, GA
18 Mar 1944Lt David W Ecoff Despatched overseas from Hunter Field to 5AF
6 May 1944Lt David W EcoffHollandiaPoor weather - no photos
9 May 1944Lt David W EcoffTakar - Cape d'UrvillePoor weather - no photos
13 May 1944Lt RivesBiak IslandPoor weather - no photos
1 Jun 1944Lt GathersTomi-Tadfu-Holl & Sentani100% success
4 Jun 1944Lt David W EcoffGeelvink Bay areaOxygen system failed - no photos
7 Jun 1944Lt HarmsGeelvink areaPoor weather - no photos - staged from Saidor
11 Jun 1944Capt RobertsGeelvink areaMechanical trouble - no photos
15 Jul 1944Lt George RivesVagelkop area50% success - weather - staged from Hollandia
16 Jul 1944Lt George RivesVagelkop area50% success - weather - staged from Hollandia
20 Jul 1944Lt George RivesVagelkop areaPoor weather - no photos
23 Jul 1944Lt Robert P SomervilleWewak area100% success
11 Aug 1944Maj DavisWewak100% success
31 Aug 1944Capt WilsonMajor & Halmaheras IslandsWeather front prevented reaching target - no photos
1 Sep 1944Lt BromerMajor & Halmaheras Islands25% success - 9/10th Altostratus
3 Sep 1944Lt David W EcoffTulaud & Sangihe IslandsPoor weather over target - incomplete
9 Sep 1944Lt WeidlerDjailolo Town & HalmaherasLost one engine - landed at Middleberg
23 Dec 1944? Salvaged as obsolete at Hollandia, New Guinea

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