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USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Sons of Fury
B-17F-10-BO 41-24470

306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb Squadron

Nose art painted by
Sgt Leland (Lee) KESSLER
306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb Squadron


King George meets the crew of Sons of Fury

One of the original B17F assigned to the 368BS was painted by Lee Kessler on both sides with a skeleton and ghostly titling. It was painted after arrival in England when more elaborate artwork was permitted rather than the simple lettering allowed whilst still in the USA.

Assigned to Lt Cranmer's crew "Sons of Fury" flew on the combat mission to Lille on the 8th November 1942 and returned with two crew men injured and holes in the bombardier's window, the right wing and vertical fin. Repaired it flew out again nine days later to strike St Nazaire.

Cranmer and his crew headed out for St Nazaire again on 3rd January but this time they did not return. Shot down they crashed near Brest and all on board were killed.

No mission listing is currently available for this aircraft

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