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Sad Sack (The)
B-24J 42-99988

448th Bomb Group, 714th Bomb Squadron

Sad Sack (The)

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


29 Jan 1944BonnerFrankfurt
13 Feb 1944R W CarrollNoBall St PolJettisoned load in Channel - Hit by flak, ruptured hydraulics, landed at Woodbridge
20 Feb 1944J D ConradGotha
22 Mar 1944S G LiebichBerlin
18 Apr 1944W PongeRathenow
26 Apr 1944K L ChapmanPaderborn abortiveLed 2nd Section
27 Apr 1944Blainville my
29 Apr 1944W Ponge / E SnowbargerBerlinMISSING -- hit in cockpit by 20mm from Fw190s nr Dummer Lake, caught fire, dived out of control and crashed nr Nienburg.

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