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Royal Flush / Harper's Ferry
B-17F-45-VE 42-6087

100th Bomb Group, 418th Bomb Squadron

Royal Flush / Harper's Ferry

This B17 was the sole survivor of the 418BS formation over Munster on 10 October when Rosie Rosenthal brought the Fort home with one engine shot out, the oxygen system destroyed and hole through the wing from a rocket, missing the fuel tanks by only a few inches.The fuller story of "Royal Flush" (also known as "Harper's Ferry") can be found in the pages of Plane Names & Bloody Noses.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


16 Jul 1943  Received by USAAC
4 Sep 1943  Assigned overseas
23 Sep 1943J Flanigan /Vannes 
27 Sep 1943J Flanigan /Emden 
2 Oct 1943J Flanigan /Emden 
4 Oct 1943J Flanigan /SaarluisCategory A damage - flak + 20mm
9 Oct 1943R Rosenthal /Marienburg 
10 Oct 1943R Rosenthal /MunsterCat AC damage - #1 eng out, oxygen out. Sole survivor of 100BG
13 Nov 1943J Flanigan /Bremen(TG) suffered frost bite
20 Dec 1943 BremenAborted (non-sortie?)
27 Dec 1943 (Recalled)Returned early -spare a/c
14 Jan 1944 Foret d'HesdinV-weapon site. Flew with 94BG formation
21 Jan 1944S L Barrick /Bois d'EsquerdesV-weapon site
4 Feb 1944 FrankfurtReturned early - non sortie
6 Feb 1944 Evreaux airfieldReturned early - spare a/c
4 Mar 1944W H Thomas (?)Berlin (recalled)Returned early - non sortie
6 Mar 1944W H ThomasBerlinReturned early - mechanical (non-sortie)
9 Mar 1944W C Forsythe /BerlinReturned early - spare a/c
18 Mar 1944F C Kincannon /LechfeldSlight damage - flak hit #2 engine nacelle
11 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Rostock(TG) destroyed Me109
12 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Schkeudiz (recalled) 
13 Apr 1944R F Lischer /AugsburgSlight damage - flak holes in bomb-bay and left wing
18 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Berlin 
19 Apr 1944R F Lischer /LippstadtFlew with 390BG formation
20 Apr 1944R F Lischer /NoBall FlottemanvilleV-weapon site
22 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Hamm 
27 Apr 1944R F Lischer /NoBall FlottemanvilleV-weapon site - morning mission
27 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Le Culot airfieldAfternoon mission
28 Apr 1944B Williams /NoBall SottevastReturned early - spare a/c
29 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Berlin 
1 May 1944G L Roth /Saarguemines Rail YardsAfternoon mission
7 May 1944R F Lischer /Berlin 
8 May 1944R F Lischer /BerlinMorning mission
9 May 1944R F Lischer /Laon-Couvron / Athies 
19 May 1944R F Lischer /Berlin(TG) destroyed Fw190
23 May 1944R F Lischer /Troyes 
24 May 1944R F Lischer /Berlin 
25 May 1944R F Lischer /Brussels 
27 May 1944R F Lischer /Strasbourg 
28 May 1944R F Lischer /Magdeburg 
29 May 1944R F Lischer /LeipzigSerious damage - bulkhead 6J cut, control cables cut
31 May 1944R F Lischer /Osnabruck 
4 Jun 1944R F Lischer /BoulogneCoastal defences
6 Jun 1944R F Lischer /FalaiseD-Day tactical ground support - morning mission
6 Jun 1944R F Lischer /OuistrehamD-Day tactical ground support - late morning mission
7 Jun 1944R F Lischer /Nantes 
10 Jun 1944 Morlaix airfield (Recalled) 
18 Jun 1944R F Lischer /BrunsbuttelkoogSlight damage - flak
21 Jun 1944H J Rowland /BasdorfSlight damage
22 Jun 1944H J Rowland /Paris 
25 Jun 1944W B Kennedy /South FranceReturned early - spare a/c
29 Jun 1944H J Rowland /BohlenReturned early - spare a/c
6 Jul 1944R D Miller /NoBall CrepieulV-weapon site
7 Jul 1944H J Rowland /Bohlen 
8 Jul 1944H J Rowland /Clamecy-Joigny RR bridge 
11 Jul 1944R F Lischer /MunichReturned early - spare a/c
12 Jul 1944R F Lischer /Munich 
14 Jul 1944R F Lischer /South FranceReturned early - spare a/c
17 Jul 1944R F Lischer /Auxerre 
19 Jul 1944C CCook /Schweinfurt 
20 Jul 1944C C Cook /Merseburg 
21 Jul 1944J S Seamans /Ludwigsburg 
5 Aug 1944H J Rowland /Magdeburg 
8 Aug 1944A Aske /St SylvainTactical ground support
11 Aug 1944A Aske / C S BarberVillacoublay airfieldMISSING -- flak hit between #3 engine and fuselage. 4 KIA


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