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B-17F-85-BO 42-30057

100th Bomb Group, 351st Bomb Squadron


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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


20 Apr 1943S R Turner / Original a/c assigned to 100BG at Kearny AAB, Nebraska
31 May 1943S R Turner / Assigned to ETO, England
25 Jun 1943S R Turner /BremenA/c's first mission
26 Jun 1943S R Turner /Le Mans?
28 Jun 1943S R Turner /St Nazaire?
29 Jun 1943S R Turner /Le Mans?
10 Jul 1943S R Turner /Le Bourget (recalled)?
14 Jul 1943S R Turner /Le BourgetReturned early -- could not keep up with formation
17 Jul 1943S R Turner /Hamburg (recalled)Cat A damage - shell cases
24 Jul 1943S R Turner /TrondheimCat A damage - flak and 20mm. Shell cases broke (N) window
25 Jul 1943?Warnemunde & KielFailed to take off
28 Jul 1943S R Turner /Oschersleben?
29 Jul 1943S R Turner /WarnemundeReturned early -- spare a/c (non sortie)
30 Jul 1943C W Floyd Jr /Kassel?
12 Aug 1943S R Turner /Bonn & Target of Opport.Cat AC damage - flak (severe)
24 Aug 1943S R Turner /Gournay & Evreaux?
27 Aug 1943?Watten V-weapon site?
31 Aug 1943?Meulan?
3 Sep 1943S R Turner /Paris - Beaumont le RogerCat A damage - flak
6 Sep 1943S R Turner / W FreundStuttgartMISSING -- fighter attack, crashlanded in Lake Constance

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