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USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Nine O Nine
B-17G-30-BO 42-31909

91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squadron


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Plane Names & Fancy Noses

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


25 Feb 1944Charles H SamuelsonDiversionary SweepNo sortie credit
2 Mar 1944William W ReidFrankfurt 
3 Mar 1944Walter WilkinsonWilhelmshaven (Berlin recall) 
4 Mar 1944Cecil GorbyCologne (Berlin recall) 
8 Mar 1944Basil F HacklemanBerlin - Erkner 
9 Mar 1944Capt David Bramble / Phillip MackBerlinBramble and 4 crew completed tour, buzzed field on return
16 Mar 1944Basil F HacklemanLechfeld 
18 Mar 1944Basil F HacklemanOberpfaffenhofen 
20 Mar 1944Basil F HacklemanFrankfurt 
22 Mar 1944Basil F HacklemanBerlin 
23 Mar 1944William JamesAhlen 
24 Mar 1944Robert E SheriffFrankfurt 
26 Mar 1944Basil F HacklemanMimoyecques V-weapon site 
27 Mar 1944Basil F HacklemanSt Jean d'Angeley airfield 
28 Mar 1944Basil F HacklemanReims-Champagne airfield 
29 Mar 1944B F HacklemanBrunswick 
8 Apr 1944Capt KuehlOldenburg 
13 Apr 1944Cecil GorbySchweinfurt 
20 Apr 1944Benjamin C BruceCriosette-Beauvoir 
21 Apr 1944Basil F HacklemanRecallAbortive sortie
22 Apr 1944Basil F HacklemanHamm marshalling yards(CP) G M Brooks and (BT) completed tours
25 Apr 1944Basil F HacklemanMetz-Frascaty 
26 Apr 1944Basil F HacklemanBrunswick 
28 Apr 1944Basil F HacklemanAvord 
29 Apr 1944Basil F HacklemanBerlin(P) completed tour
7 May 1944Arthur A KlingerBerlinCat A damage -- a/c given name by (RO) Jack Grosh
8 May 1944Fred T GardnerBerlin 
12 May 1944Alexander ThomasLutzkendorfCat A damage
13 May 1944Arthur A KlingerStralsund 
19 May 1944Arthur A KlingerBerlin 
22 May 1944Arthur A KlingerKiel 
24 May 1944Arthur A KlingerBerlinCat A - flak damage
25 May 1944Jerry J StunfNancy-Essey airfield 
27 May 1944Arthur A KlingerLudwigshaven 
28 May 1944Arthur A KlingerDessau 
29 May 1944MillerPosen 
30 May 1944Arthur A KlingerDessau 
31 May 1944Arthur A KlingerMulhouse 
3 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerHardelot coastal batteryAtlantic Wall defences
5 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerHoulogateAtlantic Wall defences
6 Jun 1944Arthur A Klinger??Atlantic Wall defences
7 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerKerlin Bastard airfield 
8 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerLe Frilliere, Tours 
10 Jun 1944Jerry J StunfBoulogne 
12 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerCambrai-Niergnes airfield 
13 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerBeaumont-sur-Oise airfield 
15 Jun 1944W A RiserBordeaux Merignanc airfield 
18 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerHamburg 
22 Jun 1944L C BasingerMasingarbe - Pont a Verdin 
23 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerFleury (abortive) 
24 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerDistre - Saumer RR bridge 
25 Jun 1944Arthur A KlingerToulouse-Blagnac airfield 
6 Jul 1944William H DietrichAire 
11 Jul 1944William H DietrichMunich 
20 Jul 1944William H DietrichLiepzig Mockau 
24 Jul 1944William H DietrichSt Lo (tactical) abortive 
25 Jul 1944Willian H DietrichSt Lo (tactical) 
28 Jul 1944John C PullenMerseburg - TauchaLanded at Wendling (short of fuel?)
29 Jul 1944John C PullenMerseburg 
31 Jul 1944William H DietrichMunich 
3 Aug 1944Robert M HuffmanMulhouse - ToulReturned early with flak damage - sortie credited
12 Aug 1944William H DietrichBuc airfield 
14 Aug 1944William H DietrichMetz-Frascaty airfield 
16 Aug 1944William H DietrichHalle(WG) destroyed one e/a; (TG) damaged one e/a
24 Aug 1944William H DietrichKolleda-Goslar airdrome 
25 Aug 1944William H DietrichNeubrandenburg 
27 Aug 1944W L EblenHeligoland (Berlin recall) 
30 Aug 1944William H DietrichKiel 
5 Sep 1944William H DietrichLudwigshaven 
9 Sep 1944William H DietrichLudwigshaven 
10 Sep 1944H DonohueGaggenau 
11 Sep 1944O'NielLutzkendorfHit by "about 4 pieces"
13 Sep 1944W KoffLutzkendorf 
21 Sep 1944W KoffMainz 
25 Sep 1944C M KirkhamFrankfurt 
26 Sep 1944C M KirkhamOsnabruch 
28 Sep 1944David HettemaMagdeburg 
30 Sep 1944David HettemaMunster 
6 Oct 1944John H LiekusNeubrandenburg 
7 Oct 1944C G McConnellRuhland-Frieburg 
9 Oct 1944H J RustandSchweinfurt 
14 Oct 1944W H DietrichCologne 
17 Oct 1944Cecil M KirkhamCologne 
19 Oct 1944Edward P BullKarlsruhe - Kreunach - Speyer 
22 Oct 1944William H DietrichBrunswick 
30 Oct 1944Edward M CormanHamm 
2 Nov 1944Cecil M KirkhamMerseburg 
6 Nov 1944Walter R MullinsHamburg 
16 Nov 1944W KoffAachen area (tactical) 
26 Nov 1944W KoffAltenbeken 
27 Nov 1944William T SmithOffenburg 
30 Nov 1944John J FlynnZietz 
4 Dec 1944Earl W ScofieldKassel 
5 Dec 1944Earl W ScofieldBerlin 
9 Dec 1944R H MillerStuttgartFlew & bombed with 384BG
29 Dec 1944Earl W ScofieldWittlich 
2 Jan 1945Earl W ScofieldPrum 
6 Jan 1945Earl W ScofieldCologne 
10 Jan 1945Earl W ScofieldOstheim 
14 Jan 1945Robert M HoffmanCologne 
15 Jan 1945Robert PottersIngolstadt 
17 Jan 1945Earl W ScofieldPaderborn 
28 Jan 1945Max P ShambaughCologne 
29 Jan 1945Robert J LawsonNiederlahnstein 
1 Feb 1945John J FlynnMannheim 
6 Feb 1945E R WhittenGotha 
9 Feb 1945Earl W ScofieldAltenbeken 
14 Feb 1945Earl W ScofieldPrague 
16 Feb 1945Earl W ScofieldGelsenkirchen 
20 Feb 1945Earl W ScofieldNurnberg 
21 Feb 1945R I EdwardsNurnberg 
22 Feb 1945T L SkawienskiStendal - Nurnberg 
23 Feb 1945Earl W ScofieldMieningen - Hilburghausen 
24 Feb 1945Jay F CochranHamburg 
27 Feb 1945Leland C BorgstromLeipzig 
28 Feb 1945Earl W ScofieldSchwerteAccording to 323BS Diary a/c has 113 missions to this date (two more than logged here)
1 Mar 1945Russell A BlanchetHeilbronn 
4 Mar 1945Russell A BlanchetUlm - Reutlingen 
7 Mar 1945Russell A BlanchetDortmund - Geisen 
9 Mar 1945D F MartinsonKassel 
10 Mar 1945Earl W ScofieldSinsen 
12 Mar 1945Earl W ScofieldDillenburg 
15 Mar 1945Russell A BlanchetOranienburg 
17 Mar 1945R A DicksonBohlen 
18 Mar 1945M W ComstockBerlin 
22 Mar 1945Earl W ScofieldDorsten 
23 Mar 1945Earl W ScofieldCoesfeld 
24 Mar 1945Russell A BlanchetTwente-Enschiede airfield 
28 Mar 1945J F SmieklBerlin 
30 Mar 1945Russell A BlanchetBremen 
5 Apr 1945Forrest HuntGrafenwohr 
7 Apr 1945Russell A BlanchetKohlenbissen-Fassberg 
8 Apr 1945Earl W ScofieldStendal 
10 Apr 1945Russell A BlanchetOranienburg-Rechlin 
11 Apr 1945Russell A BlanchetFrieham 
13 Apr 1945Russell A BlanchetNeumunster 
16 Apr 1945Russell A BlanchetRegensburg 
17 Apr 1945Russell A BlanchetDresden 
20 Apr 1945Sidney BarnsleyBrandenburg 
12 May 1945HatfieldRevival Mission to BarthFerrying POWs and displaced persons from Germany
8 Jun 1945Capt Robert M HoffmanReturned to USA10 crew plus 10 passengers; landed at Bradley Field CT

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