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Meat Hound
B-17F-55-BO 42-29524

303rd Bomb Group, 359th Bomb Squadron

Meat Hound

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Photo credit : Bill Wylde

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


31 Dec 1942  Delivered to Denver Modification Center
7 Jan 1943  To Salina AAB
12 Feb 1943  To Morrison AAB
14 Feb 1943  To Homestead AAB
17 Feb 1943  Assigned overseas to UK, 8th Air Force
2 Mar 1943  Assigned to 306th Bomb Group at Thurleigh
13 Mar 1943D A Steele / R W JonesAmiens MY
22 Mar 1943D A Steele / R W JonesWilhelmshavenFlak hit cockpit, bullet hole in left wing
4 Apr 1943D A Steele / R W JonesParis(TT) destroyed e/a
5 Apr 1943D A Steele / R W JonesAntwerpR/E (NS) - cylinder head broke
1 May 1943R W Jones / D A SteeleSt NazaireOne flak hole
13 May 1943R W Jones / J P Leach /J M CavalhoMeaulte
14 May 1943R W Jones / D A SteeleKiel
15 May 1943R W Jones / D A SteeleWilhelmshaven
17 May 1943R W Jones / W H MarcotteLorient
19 May 1943R W Jones / D A SteeleKiel
21 May 1943R W Jones / D A SteeleWilhelmshaven(WG) hit in thigh. 20mm hole in left landing light, #2 eng out hit by 30mm, #1 eng instruments out, radio hit. F/L at B24 base severing barrage balloon.
30 Jul 1943  Transferred to 303rd Bomb Group at Molesworth
12 Aug 1943F H ThompsonRuhr (Bochum, Gelsinkirchen)Category A damage - flak + mg. One Fw190 claimed destroyed
15 Aug 1943D GambleAmiens & Poix airfields 
16 Aug 1943D A ShebeckLeBourget airfield 
17 Aug 1943J W HendrySchweinfurtCategory AC damage - flak + self-inflicted. 4 Me110s claimed
31 Aug 1943F H ThompsonAmiens-Glisy airfields 
3 Sep 1943J R JohnstonRomilly-sur-Seine 
6 Sep 1943F H ThompsonStuttgartReturned early, non-sortie - #3 supercharger failed
7 Sep 1943J W HendryBrussels Evere airfield 
9 Sep 1943A L SumarlidasonVitry-en-Artois airfield 
16 Sep 1943A L SumarlidasonNantes 
27 Sep 1943R C SandersEmden port area 
2 Oct 1943A L SumarlidasonEmden port area 
4 Oct 1943A L SumarlidasonFrankfurtCategory A damage - flak
8 Oct 1943P W CampbellBremen 
9 Oct 1943P W CampbellAnklam 
10 Oct 1943P W CampbellCoesfeld 
14 Oct 1943P W CampbellSchweinfurtReturned early, non-sortie - fuel transfer pump out
20 Oct 1943P W CampbellDurenCategory AC damage - mg (friendly fire)?
3 Nov 1943P W CampbellWilhelmshaven 
5 Nov 1943D F DeCampGelsenkirchenCategory A damage - flak
26 Nov 1943P W CampbellBremenReturned early, non-sortie
29 Nov 1943D F DeCampBremenCategory AC damage - self-inflicted
11 Dec 1943D F DeCampEmden 
13 Dec 1943Capt M R HungerfordBremen 
16 Dec 1943M L SmithBremenLanded at RAF Newmarket.
4 Jan 1944M L ClarkKielCategory AC damage - flak + unidentified falling object
11 Jan 1944J W WatsonOscherslebenLost 2 engines, crew bailed out over Holland, (P) brought a/c back to land at Metfield
12 Jan 1944  SALVAGED - to 2nd Strategic Air Depot


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