USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Little Chief Big Dog
B-24D-CO 41-11825

98th Bomb Group


Nose art painted by
S/Sgt Cecil O. LIPPARD
98th Bomb Group
North Africa

Little Chief Big Dog

This B24D was originally assigned to 344th Bomb Squadron's John Kane with the title "Hail Columbia" but when he became the group CO it was passed on to his copilot Herman Lewis. Lewis was known as "Big Dog" and he had the right side repainted with "Little Chief Big Dog". Later, the plane was reassigned to the 343rd Bomb Squadron, renamed again this time as "Grumpy" to conform to the squadron's Disney Snow White theme.

When the 98th was training up for the low level attack on Ploesti, on 1st August 1943, #825 was taken back to the 344BS by the CO John Kane and he had it repainted yet again with a new "Hail Columbia" artwork. Returning from Ploesti, the B24 cracked up on landing on Cyprus and was abandoned there.

Herman "Big Dog" Lewis was lost on 19th January 1944 flying in "Alice the Goon" (another Lippard nose art). Some references suggest that "Little Chief Big Dog" may have been serialed as 42-40106 and it is possible that there was in fact a second Liberator so named. If anyone can throw any light on this I would be delighted to hear from them.


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