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USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Little America
B-17F-85-BO 42-30033

384th Bomb Group


Missing in action on 1st December 1943, See "The Flight of Eagles" for more information on its final moments and the fate of the crew.
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For More Information See:

The Flight Of Eagles

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


22 Jun 1943J H KellyAntwerp
25 Jun 1943J H KellyHamburgR/E (NS) - weather
26 Jun 1943J H Kelly / R R FaulinerVillacoublay(abortive)
28 Jun 1943J H KellyBeaumount-Le Roger
29 Jun 1943J H KellyVillacoublay(abortive)
4 Jul 1943J H Kelly /Le MansR/E (NS) - (BT) oxygen forze
10 Jul 1943J H Kelly / R R FaulkinerAbbeville-DrucatR/E (NS) - #1 eng threw oil
24 Jul 1943J H KellyHeroya
28 Jul 1943J H KellyKassel
27 Aug 1943D P OgilvieWatten
31 Aug 1943J H KellyRomilly (abortive)R/E (NS) - supercharger
3 Sep 1943G W HarrisRomilly
6 Sep 1943J H KellyStuttgartLanded at West Malling
7 Sep 1943J H KellyBrussels
9 Sep 1943J H KellyLille Vendeville + Vitry
16 Sep 1943J H KellyNantes
2 Oct 1943J H Kelly / Gen TravisEmden
4 Oct 1943W R HarryFrankfurt
9 Oct 1943J H KellyAnklam
10 Oct 1943J H KellyMunster
14 Oct 1943L R ArmstrongSchweinfurtR/E (NS) - landed at Metfield
20 Oct 1943J H KellyDuren
3 Nov 1943J H KellyWilhelmshaven
5 Nov 1943J A Van der HaeghenGelsenkirchenR/E (NS) - #3 eng malfunctioned + (BT) oxygen out
16 Nov 1943W A JonesKnaben
1 Dec 1943E S Goulder / M S Dillingham (AC)SolingenMISSING - group lead, mech problem

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