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USAAF Nose Art Research Project


General Ike
B-17G-40-BO 42-97061

91st Bomb Group, 401st Bomb Squadron

Nose art painted by
Cpl Anthony L STARCER
91st Bomb Group
Bassingbourn, England


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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


24 Jan 1944  Delivered to Cheyenne Modification Center
23 Feb 1944  To Grenier AAB for overseas deployment
13 Mar 1944  Assigned to 457BG at Glatton, England
16 Mar 1944  Transferred to 91BG at Bassingbourn
23 Mar 1944W B Smith / G H HeiligAhlen(un-named)
24 Mar 1944Maj J H McPartlin / G H HeiligFrankfurt(un-named)
26 Mar 1944W B Smith / J E LaFontinMimoyecques(un-named)
27 Mar 1944W B Smiht / G H HeiligSt Jean d'Angeley(un-named)
29 Mar 1944R S Roberts / H N NicholsBraunschweig(un-named)
11 Apr 1944  Officially named by General Eisenhower at Bassingbourn
13 Apr 1944J D Davis / G H HeiligSchweinfurt 
18 Apr 1944Capt R Roberts / Capt J D DavisOranienburgLed composite group -- Cat A damage
28 Apr 1944Capt R Roberts / Col C PutnamAvordLed combat wing
29 Apr 1944Capt Samuelson / R V MaziarzBerlinGroup lead
9 May 1944Capt J D Davis / LtCol T R MiltonSt DizierGroup lead
20 May 1944Capt J D Davis / F I VerveVillacoublay 
25 May 1944T H Gunn /Nancy-Essey 
27 May 1944Capt J D Davis /Ludwigshaven 
29 May 1944Capt J D Davis / Maj McPartlinPosen 
31 May 1944G H Heilig /Mulhouse 
5 Jun 1944G H Heilig / J D FletcherHoulogate 
7 Jun 1944J L Black / Capt B H MartinKerlin Bastard 
12 Jun 1944T R Gunn / LtCol T R MiltonCambrai-Niergnes airfield 
13 Jun 1944G H Heilig / J D FletcherBeaumontBrought bombs back
15 Jun 1944T H Gunn / J D FletcherBordeaux Merignac 
18 Jun 1944G H Heilig / J D FletcherHamburg 
20 Jun 1944G H Heilig / W T HerneHamburg 
21 Jun 1944Capt W E Reid / W A RiserBerlinGroup lead - intervalometer failed Berlin Again limited edition print
24 Jun 1944W T Hanna / W D ThissellDistre Saumer 
25 Jun 1944W T Hanna / W D ThissellToulouse Blagnac 
28 Jun 1944J L Black / W D ThissellAnizy 
6 Jul 1944Capt R Ranzoni / R M CarlsonAire NoBallMajor flak damage (P) completed tour
8 Jul 1944J L Black / Maj M D LordEtaples Crepieul 
24 Jul 1944W D Thissell / Maj M D LordSt LoTactical
25 Jul 1944W D Thissell / D S GauthierSt LoTactical
1 Aug 1944J Oates /Chartres 
3 Aug 1944D S Gauthier /Mulhouse Toul 
6 Aug 1944D S Gauthier /Brandenburg 
7 Aug 1944D S Gauthier /Sens Bourron Marlotte 
12 Aug 1944H R DeBolt /Buc airfield 
15 Aug 1944C M Melton /Ostheim 
16 Aug 1944C M Melton /Halle 
26 Aug 1944C M Melton /Gelsenkirchen 
27 Aug 1944R E Hardister /Heligoland(Berlin recall)
10 Sep 1944C M Melton / G E GoodGaggenau Sindelfingen 
19 Sep 1944C M Melton / R O DaviesHamm 
27 Sep 1944G E Good / R R GoldsmithCologne 
6 Oct 1944H E Garner / K M BurmanNeubrandenburg 
7 Oct 1944H E Garner / K M BurmanRuhland Frieberg 
17 Oct 1944C M Buchanan / H E JohnsonCologne 
2 Nov 1944J W O'Neil / W J DuffyMerseburg4 Fw190s claimed by gunners, hit by mg and cannon fire  Merseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
27 Nov 1944Capt W W Thompson / SparkmanOffenburg 
29 Nov 1944C M Buchanan / H E JohnsonMisburg 
30 Nov 1944J J Ondrovic / J G WelchZietz 
9 Dec 1944J J Ondrovic / J G WelchStuttgart 
24 Dec 1944M M Borgeson / C D KnightonMerzhausen KirschLanded at Bury St Edmunds/Ridgewell(??) on return
31 Dec 1944T M Holmes / W L EdwardsBitburg 
1 Jan 1945M M Borgeson / C D KnightonKassel 
3 Jan 1945M M Borgeson / C D KnightonCologne 
5 Jan 1945H O Gertsen / J E WalkerCoblenz 
6 Jan 1945R R Sullenberger / G E ShoupCologne 
10 Jan 1945G E Shoup / R A LechnerOstheim 
14 Jan 1945G E Shoup / R A LechnerCologne 
17 Jan 1945G E Shoup / R A LechnerPaderheim 
20 Jan 1945M P Shambuagh / J D HammondLudwigshaven 
9 Feb 1945R O Holliday / F MartinsonAltenbekenReturned early - mechanical fault - no credit
16 Feb 1945E R McKnight / M C RohrGelsenkirchen 
18 Feb 1945  To 2nd Strategic Air Depot
12 Mar 1945  Returned to Bassingbourn
14 Mar 1945P A Pastras / R F MorrisVlotho Osnabruck 
15 Mar 1945P A Pastras / E L BloodgoodOranienburgReturned early - mechanical fault - credit??
21 Mar 1945Capt C H Selby / R A BarrettSalzbergen 
22 Mar 1945H V Camp / E HeathDorsten 
23 Mar 1945H W Forbes / H P MaximovichCoesfeld 
24 Mar 1945N F Small / J E SmithVechta 
28 Mar 1945R T Spurgin / K E GartonBerlin SpandauLanded on continent
6 Apr 1945  Returned to Bassingbourn
9 Apr 1945Capt C H Selby /Oberpfaffenhofen 
10 Apr 1945Capt C H SelbyOranienburg Rechlin 
17 Apr 1945Pugliese /Dresden 
18 Apr 1945D E Olson /Rosenheim 
21 Apr 1945H P Olgan(?) / /Munich 
25 Apr 1945Hatfield /PilsenMinor damage
8 May 1945E L Bloodgood /Cooks TourSightseeing
12 May 1945Capt C H Selby /Revival - BarthPOW and displaced persons repatriation
13 May 1945Parman /Revival - BarthPOW and displaced persons repatriation
25 May 1945S H Buckner / C E FontaineHome RunReturn to USA
13 Jun 1945  To Bradley Field AAB
21 Oct 1945  To 4168 Base Unit, South Plains
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91st Bomb Group
Nose art painted by
Cpl Anthony L STARCER

© Ray Bowden 18 January 2018