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Frisco Nannie
B-29A-10-BN 42-93889

500th Bomb Group, 882nd Bomb Squadron

Nose art painted by
500th Bomb Group, 882nd Bomb Squadron
Isley Field, Saipan

Frisco Nannie
Another nose art painted by "The Drowsy Swede" - Cpl Henry Johnson, this 500BG Superfortress was designated as Z-34. It displays Johnson's favoured lettering style as well as a delightful half nude pin-up.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


1 Feb 1945Weather strike #161
10 Feb 1945ReevesOta Nakajima
15 Feb 1945J R FarrellNagoya MitsubishiLight flak and fighter damage
19 Feb 1945D JacksonTokyo Musashino
25 Feb 1945J R FarrellTokyo
4 Mar 1945J R FarrellTokyo Musashino
6 Mar 1945Weather strike
9 Mar 1945J R FarrellTokyo
11 Mar 1945J R FarrellNagoya
13 Mar 1945G GillertOsaka
16 Mar 1945J R FarrellKobe
18 Mar 1945J R FarrellNagoya
27 Mar 1945SewellKyushu AFs
1 Apr 1945J R FarrellTokyo Nakajima
3 Apr 1945W E RobertsonTokyo Tachikawa
8 Apr 1945W E RobertsonKagoshima
12 Apr 1945CoffmanTokyo Musashino NakajimaLanded on Iwo Jima
13 Apr 1945W E RobertsonTokyo Arsenal(NS) - failed to take off - #4 eng
15 Apr 1945W E Robertson Southern Tokyo
18 Apr 1945W E Robertson / Capt R M CordrayIzumi AFLost 2 engs and landed Okinawa
30 Apr 1945Capt H G Gray / E BettsHammasatsu
7 May 1945J R FarrellWeather strike
10 May 1945J R FarrellTokuyama
13 May 1945J R FarrellNagoya
14 May 1945J R Farrell / E BettsNagoya
29 May 1945J R FarrellYokohama
1 Jun 1945J R FarrellOsaka urban
5 Jun 1945J R FarrellKobe
7 Jun 1945J R FarrellOsaka
10 Jun 1945ArbonChiba Hitachi
15 Jun 1945J R FarrellOsaka Amagasaki
17 Jun 1945J R FarrellHamamatsu
19 Jun 1945J R FarrellFukuoka
1 Jul 1945J R FarrellKumamotoR/E (NS) - exhaust failure #3 engine
12 Jul 1945J R FarrellIchinomiya
16 Jul 1945J R FarrellOita
19 Jul 1945J R FarrellHitachi
24 Jul 1945J R FarrellOsaka (Kuwana)(p) completed tour
1 Aug 1945GerrityToyama
14 Aug 1945WalkerOsaka
29 Aug 1945POW Supply #5

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