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D-Day Doll
B-17G-65-BO 43-37544

447th Bomb Group, 710th Bomb Squadron

D-Day Doll

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


27 Apr 1944  Delivered to Cheyenne Modification Center
11 May 1944  To Kearney AAB, Nebraska
24 May 1944  To Grenier Field for overseas deployment
2 Jun 1944  Assigned to 447BG
7 Jun 1944Maj C ElderToursLed 447 'C' Group
14 Jun 1944Lt VoorheesFlorennes airfield 
15 Jun 1944Lt VoorheesMisburg 
20 Jun 1944Lt VoorheesKonigsborn 
21 Jun 1944Lt VoorheesBerlinCategory A flak damage
6 Jul 1944Maj F W NewmanBerck airfieldLed group and 4th Combat Wing
11 Jul 1944Lt ReeceMunich 
12 Jul 1944Lt ReeceMunich 
13 Jul 1944Lt McKinleyMunich 
16 Jul 1944Lt ReeceStuttgart 
18 Jul 1944Lt ReeceKiel 
20 Jul 1944Lt MattensonMerseburg 
21 Jul 1944Lt McDermottRegensburg 
24 Jul 1944Lt McKinleySt Lo (abortive)Tactical ground support
25 Jul 1944Lt McKinleySt LoTactical ground support
11 Aug 1944Lt McDermottBelfort rail yard 
13 Aug 1944Lt McDermottTactical target 
24 Aug 1944Lt McDermottBrux 
25 Aug 1944Lt McDermottRachlin 
26 Aug 1944Lt BrownBrest (abortive) 
27 Aug 1944Lt McDermottRecalled 
30 Aug 1944Lt McDermottBremen 
1 Sep 1944Lt McDermottRecalled 
3 Sep 1944W T MooreBrest coastal defences 
5 Sep 1944W T MooreBrest harbour 
8 Sep 1944Lt McDermottMainz 
9 Sep 1944Lt McDermottSouthern FranceSupply drop to French Resistance fighters
10 Sep 1944Lt McDermottGiebelstadt airfield 
11 Sep 1944Lt McDermottLiepzig / Chemnitz 
13 Sep 1944W T MooreStuttgart (abortive) 
17 Sep 1944Lt McDermottArnhemFlak towers in support of airborne assault
22 Sep 1944Lt McDermottKassel 
25 Sep 1944Lt MilksLudwigshafen 
26 Sep 1944Lt McDermottBremen 
5 Jan 1945Lt ReckWaxweiler 
10 Jan 1945Lt HodgeKarlsruhe rail yard 
13 Jan 1945Lt ShepardMainzChaff aircraft. Landed at Lavenham
15 Jan 1945Lt BeighleyAugsburg 
16 Jan 1945Lt BeighleyMagdeburgLanded away
3 Feb 1945Lt LarranceBerlin Tempelhof 
6 Feb 1945Lt LarranceBohlen 
14 Feb 1945Lt LarranceWesel rail bridge 
15 Feb 1945Lt LarranceCottbus rail yard 
16 Feb 1945Lt LarranceWesel rail bridge 
19 Feb 1945Lt LarranceWesel rail bridgeChaff aircraft
24 Feb 1945Lt GurneyBremen 
25 Feb 1945Lt LarranceNeuberg 
26 Feb 1945Lt JohnsonBerlin Alexanderplatz 
27 Feb 1945Lt JohnsonLiepzig 
1 Mar 1945Lt SchwabAugsburg 
2 Mar 1945Lt LarranceDresden 
3 Mar 1945Lt LarranceBrunswick 
7 Mar 1945Lt LarranceDattein-Emscher Lippe 
8 Mar 1945Lt LarranceFrankfurt rail yard 
9 Mar 1945Lt LarranceFrankfurt airfields 
10 Mar 1945Lt LarranceDortmund rail yard 
11 Mar 1945Lt HayesHamburg 
15 Mar 1945Lt LarranceOranienburg rail yard 
17 Mar 1945Lt JohnsonRuhland 
18 Mar 1945Lt LarranceBerlin 
20 Mar 1945Lt LarranceHamburg 
21 Mar 1945Lt LarranceWittmundshafen airfield 
22 Mar 1945Lt LarranceMilitary camp 
23 Mar 1945Lt LarranceHolzwickede 
28 Mar 1945Lt LarranceHannover rail yard 
31 Mar 1945Lt LarranceSalzwedel airfield 
4 Apr 1945Lt JenningsKiel 
5 Apr 1945Lt LarranceNuremburg rail yard 
7 Apr 1945Lt MontagueSchwerin rail yard 
8 Apr 1945Lt MontaguePlauen rail yard 
9 Apr 1945Lt MontagueNeuberg airfield 
10 Apr 1945Lt MontagueBrandenburg airfield 
17 Apr 1945Lt MontagueDresden 
20 Apr 1945Lt MontagueNeuruppin rail yard 
21 Apr 1945Lt MontagueIngolstadt rail yard 
7 Jul 1945  Returned to Bradley Field, USA
16 Dec 1945  To RFC Kingman Arizona for scrapping

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Nose art painted by
George McCRAW

© Ray Bowden 22 September 2020