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Delivered to the USAAF on 2nd August 1943 it was ferried to England 3 months later at the end of November to join the 75th Troop carrier Squadron at Langar. In January 1944 it moved to Welford when the group relocated.

Assigned to Capt Albers, "Iron Ass" participated in the D-Day assault dropping men of the 501st Parachute Infantry and then hauling two gliders to Normandy. On 17th September, this C47 was again in action dropping paratroops and the following day twice pulled a glider to Holland where it was hit by flak and small arms fire.

When the Germans launched their massive assault against the American troops around Bastogne, "Iron Ass" was once again in action on Boxing Day and the following day, dropping desperately needed supplies.

In mid January 1945, hauling supplies into the advanced airfield designed at as Y-39 "Iron Ass" crash landed and ended it long career.

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B-29A-20-BN 42-94003

19th Bomb Group, 28th Squadron

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